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how do you apply for a work visa if you want to move over seas?

I want to move to europe but I heard that you need to have a work visa to stay there long term.How do you go about doing this?I have tried looking it up in the websites for the country I want to move to (Finland) but its all in another language.can someone help?

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    It's like the other two answerers said, you need to apply for a work visa for the country you want to go to by contacting their embassy. But you will find that they all regulate this differently, and that some countries are far easier to get stuff done in than others. Also, be aware of the fact that some of the European countries are in a pact together, the EU, which means, if you get an EU-visa, you can live in all of them (that's a lot of countries, and places such as Britian, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, a.s.o. are all in it. Excluded are Switzerland and Norway - they are separate). You'll probably find it easiest in England, Ireland, and Sweden. And it's not like the US or Canada, where they basically through you out if you enter on a tourist visa, hoping to convert to a work visa while you're there, and you happen to tell them that that's your plan. In the countries listed above, you can enter as a tourist, and if you decide you want to work, go to the immigration office and apply for a work visa. Finland is also in the EU. If you get yourself an EU-visa before you go anywhere, that'll cover it. Good luck learning Finnish. If you decide you can't pull off the language, but still like Finland, try Sweden, it's very similar, and you'll get by easily with English. Plus, learning Swedish is a jiffy. It's so closely related to English you won't belive it. I was fluent in three months.

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    Get in touch with the consulate of the country you want to go to and have them help you.

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