SCUBA divers: Wondering if and why to go for AOW certification?

Hello divers,

I did a standard 8-week course and got my open water cert back in college about 10 years ago. I have since logged several dives including wrecks, deep dives and night dives, and I'm working on 100 hours TBT. (Small beans to many of you I'm sure, but unfortunately I usually only get to dive while on vacation, and had a year or two with no dives, bummer.) My question is should I get my advanced cert?

I have been on dives (like an 80-foot wreck dive) where AOW was "required", but they asked to see my log book, checked the experience summary and said "no problem". So, given that, and for someone who mostly does tropical reef dives while on vacation maybe two weeks per year, is it worth the time/expense going for AOW? No desire/plans to go for instructor or divemaster, so would I be getting it just to say I have it? Thanks for your input.

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    Take the course. You've lucked out so far. Not only in safety, but in actually finding places that will ignore that you are only OWC. Eventually you'll come across a dive charter that will boot you off the boat. Those are the operators that actually are worth going with if they care to do that. There is a reason there's an advanced course. Besides, you'll have a blast doing it and you'll do a dive to 120, just for bragging rights.

    Ohh..before I forget, this is for Nex, who answered that "Considering your hours, I would say that you don't really need it to participate in pretty much any dive that requires Advanced Open-Water". Nex, if you have a DAN membership, go check out the fatality reports and then come back in here and erase that stupid remark. Absolutely irresponsible to say that.

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    It is always helpful to become more knowledgable about diving and the more experienced that you become while diving you will see that taking these classes will possibly help save your life or the life of your dive buddy! I think you should continue taking more classes and the Rescue Classes will be the most important course. Keep yourself updated on CPR and rescue techniques along with First Aid Safety. You may end up changing your mind and eventually decide to become a DiveMaster or Instructor! :)

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    Considering your hours, I would say that you don't really need it to participate in pretty much any dive that requires Advanced Open-Water, I think AOW is really for people who don't have may hours logged but still want to do some really intresting dives.

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    The way I see it,the more you learn,the more fun diving is,so why not take the course?

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