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my dog has diarrhoea help!?

we've had my rescued springer for 2 weeks since then she has had diarrhoea, around 4 times a day. shes been to the vets, they gave her some prebiotics and some chicken and rice food they sell. shes been on that a week now and shes still no better. shes also for the last week been on worming powders (for lung worm apparantly) which i dont think are helping the diarrhoea but the vet said to keep taking them. has anyone any ideas. i dont know if i should stick with the food the vets gave me at £1.20 a tin and hope it starts to clear up after the wormers have finished (tommorow). Can anyone reccommend a particular brand or diet which will help, ive heard that a completly dry food diet can help. she seems her usual self wants to go out but the vets have said she need to rest. she's also very skinny. any ideas please?

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    Worms & wormers can give diarrhea so you should start seeing improvement once the worming is done.

    When I have a dog with diarrhea, I feed plain white rice mixed with low fat cottage cheese and I give an electrolyte suppliment. Worms can wreck a dogs digestive tract, rice is easy on the stomach and the cottage cheese helps to coat & protect.

    Worms will also make a dog skinny. So, take one issue at a time. Get past the diarrhea, and then start worrying about the weight.

    I know this is a mess, but hang in there. You should start seeing improvement!

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    I have 5 dogs. 3 were rescues & 1 from the pound.

    What has worked for me.......Definitely white rice. I would even lay off the dog food & chicken until she improves. Pumpkin is also very good- canned, not the pie filling. I also give my dogs a tablespoon of plain yogurt, especially if they are on antibiotics.

    Make sure she is getting enough water. It actually takes a while for poor nutrition to catch up with them. She would be fine with only rice for a bit. You can add a small amount of broth, olive oil, butter, etc to flavor.

    BTW, Just my opinion, but....

    Science Diet has been linked to cancer in animals, although the prescription Hill'd Diets are still recommended for certain conditions. Iams & Eukanuba still test on animals, so I refuse to buy their product. These brands are also made with very low grade products, not at all human grade, but vets recommend them b/c they give $$$$$ to veterinary schools.

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    It could be the food. When you change their food sometimes it makes it worse. They can have pepto bismol too. If there is a homeopathic vet in your area I would strongly recommend you contacting him/her. Mine can almost always give a remedy that cures or helps the PROBLEM without just masking the symptoms or stopping them temporarily.

    On the food I would probably increase the carbs. Feed him rice or oatmeal with a very low fat hamb. (That's what I have to do for my yorkie rescue with pancreatitis.)

  • Eukanuba and Science Diet are the best foods you can feed your dog. My dog loves them both. My dog used to have diarreah when he was eating Pedigree.But since I switched to Eukanuba and Science Diet he's been fine. Also another think that can make your dog prone to diarreah is switching the dogs food. But with Eukanuba and Science Diet are tested weekly to see if there is anything they can do to make their food better. So these 2 foods are seriously good so I really reccomend it. Also wet food if you feed it to your dog you should mix it with dry food because wet food is bad for there teeth.

    Source(s): Personal Experience, Owner of 2 dogs, I read books about dog breeds,health, and training.
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    boiled chicken and white rice is a bland diet that will help with the diarrhea while on the antibiotic... use chicken and rice that you buy at the grocery store, not the dog food in a can

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    i know how you feel i've been going threw same but with cat that has diarria and arthritus meds and now diarria is cleared up but she's throwing up she to is underweight and is eating hills science diet ad catfood BUT with her her age is a HUGE factor shes 18 and well i may have to do the humane thing and have her put to sleep so be glad your dog is still young and check in with vet make sure he/she knows whats going on

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    This dog may not have the common variety, but I've found that plain cooked white rice helps for the normal type when my dog has had it.

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    first off, antibiotics can give a dog diarrhea, so can deworming medication.

    changing her food also sometimes causes diarrhea..this POOR DOG!

    give her some time! let the medication do its job, and keep her on ONE type of food, don't change it.

    you said it was a tin food? so its soft and wet....some dogs do better on dry!

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    Ask your Vet for some Endosorb, it's for Diarrhea,he'll know.

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    Try changing the dog food (dry) to one that has chicken and rice in it. or lamb and rice

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