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I just turned 40 last month and my breast need some help..any exercises to help firm them up..??

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    Surgery. Breast lift. Once your breasts lose the firmness, no exercise can bring it back except implants or a lift.

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    You can build up your pectoral muscles behind them by doing exercises like arm presses where you lift your arms to a 90 degree angle, bend your elbows, bring your hands together and push. You'll feel the tightening of your chest area. Building up these muscles can help a bit - but other than some kind of plastic surgery - I don't think where' going to get that perky look ever again! I think we're all headed for the resemblance of ziplock bags with a bit of water sagging them down to our stomachs.

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    on the incline board, hold weight s in each hand. open arms straight out , curl arms as if you are hugging tree, keeping elbows up. you should feel pressure in your pecs (muscle behind breasts)..this should help tighten up that area.

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    I've heard vigorous massages will help.

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