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How do I train a mutt ( german shep./ chau) to play catch?

I have another dog who does know how to play catch, but my other on won't. She's about 1 and a half years old.

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    Retrieving is something that comes naturally in some dogs (mostly gun dogs). Chow Chows usually are not into that type of play, so your dog may not be as easy to train. Try taking advantage of a shepherd's prey drive and rolling a ball across the ground so it looks like an animal. Or try it with a squeeky toy or some other toy she likes. If that doesn't work you can use a Kong or similar toy with holes and stuff it with peanut butter, cheese wiz or other sticky food. Once she puts it in her mouth you can praise her and give her a treat. Keep rewarding her just for picking up the toy, and work your way to teaching her to hold it longer, then hold it long enough and bring it towards you (just use the word "come" when it's in her mouth, and then teach "drop it" (usually you can just give her a treat and she'll drop it to take the treat). If she is completely uninterested, I am sure you can teach such a smart dog other tricks to impress people.

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    Dogs learn in different ways some by watching others and some by trial and error. try playing cathc with your other dog. then taking your Mut and restraining the other dog so that the mutt has a chance to learn. the game. many people try to teach both dogs at the same time and this may cause a subordinate dog to learn not to play, due to dominance of the other dog. the best way to teach dogs is to have one trainer teaching each dog.

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    Throw a ball ( they do sell them at petco) where you can put a treat inside the ball. This way she will be more inclined to go get it once you show it to her and throw it. Then if she becomes interested with it your half there. Then you need to in courage her to bring it back so you can fill it again. It does work, but it takes a lot of patience. Good Luck.

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    give the dog a reward when she gets the ball lots of praise

    it has nothing to do with her being a mutt

    maybe play something else with her or go to a training class

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    1 1/2 is not really a puppy ...but some people believe that you can train a dog at any age...I think they start getting lazy after they get around 2 years old....unless you keep the dog active everyday

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    I also have a mix(german shepard/rottie)Certain breeds have the "shake and kill" instinct(when they catch something,they shake the heck out of it)My dog "Recon" would much rather play "keep away" than catch.Sometimes it just depends on the breed and the personality of the dog.Try "keep away"Your dog may have a blast with it and get lots of exercise.He or she may even"dare" you to give chase.

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  • Throw the ball and hope to god she catches it lol or give her a reward when she runs then train her to pick it up and bring it back

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    Oh, boy. We trained our poodle to play catch and he won't stop!! He constantly want us to throw the ball. He never stops!!

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    Use the reward system. First show her how it's done, then give her a cookie or something nice when she's done it right. It's going to be repetitive, but your pet will get it.

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    Throw the ball.

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