Doctors are Dumb!?

I asked for a Blood Pregnancy Test, and they said i have to take their urine pregnancy test first. I already Took a HTP test and it was negitive! I got my periood( yes blood clots too), 5 days late and a few things were diffrent. Heavier bleeding, Worse cramps. Still tired and drained. I wanted the BPT for peace of mind, but ih have to do this first!! Pain in the @ss. Anyways that's tonight.

My question is this:

I am on my period now will that affect the results of a urine test?




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    I agree that doctors need to get a clue. I once had a doctor prescribe KIDNEY FAILURE meds due to blood in my urine. I'm a woman of child bearing age. As a non-physician, why would YOU think there may be blood in my urine? DUH!

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    No. It will just show more blood cells in the urine.

    Secondly, it's not like the doctor was putting you out. If you want piece of mind try using protection. And a period does mean usually that you aren't pregnant. Get a clue!

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    If you miscarried the hormone levels might be really low and might not be detected by a urine test. Did you tell them why you wanted to take the blood test?

  • 1 decade ago

    yes most doctors are dumb.... thats why im trying to find a nice doctor with a nurse practitioner.. theyre more keen on your needs

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    no it shouldn't

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