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What does it mean when somebody labels you, "emo"?

Everyone tells me i'm "emo" and when I take quizzes to see my label or stereotype the results always say, emo. What does that mean?

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    I learned something here. Thank you.

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    "emo" is partially a reference to a musical genre. Evanesence would fall into the emo group. It's also a way of describing someone. Someone who is emo is someone who is very emotional: they tend to focus on pain, sorrow, anger, they usually dress in black, where tight jeans (even guys), etc. You do not need to be suicidal or a cutter to be emo, although most suicidally depressive teens or cutters are emo.

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    Well.. go to wikipedia and search for emo.

    It started as a genre of rock but now people call it a type of style of clothing and how you act.

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    emo kids are the kids that wear like tight jeans. if your a boy. or like the kids with hair in their face covering part of their face. i guess emo kids are kind of like skaters but not? and yea emo stands for emotional.

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    According to my teenage daughter, someone who is "emo" loves the group Evanescence (not sure about the spelling), and tends to be depressed and have occasional suicidal thoughts. (Just like the lyrics of the group mentioned above.)

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    EMO=EMOTIONAL, hate yourself, the world, dresses gothic





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    EMO= emotional. cutter or friend of cutter. wears lots of black. gets depressed easily.

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    "Emo" is sort of the pop version of "Goth". Gloomy, misunderstood, brooding, etc.

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    Irrational would be my take but it's probably supposed to mean you're prone to being emotional.

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    Do you have messy hair and cry alone in your bedroom?

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