Great drives in Switzerland?

visiting Switerland by car, my second trip, first was by Eurail. Can anyone suggest some great roads with awesome scenery to drive. Roads you don't want to miss.

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    Switzerland is a very small country where you can reach every point in only a few hours by car. If you come in summer, i would recommend the nice route from Luzern to Lugano OVER the Gotthard pass. Take the highway (Autobahn) from Luzern to Andermatt. Andermatt is just before the 17km long Gotthard tunnel, but there you can't see anything. So you leave the highway there and drive direction "Gotthard Passhöhe". This road is opened only in summer, maybe you will find snow on the top, but the road is clean. On the south side of the Gotthard pass is the narrow winding road called the 'Tremola'. Then drive just way south and you will reach Bellinzona the capital of the canton Tessin and farther south you will reach Lugano. Bon voyage.

    Here some pictures of the Gotthard including the 'Tremola'


    don't forget to buy a highway vignette (you can get it at the customs, it's CHF 40 = ~$33). This is the permission to use the swiss highways for one year. If you will be caught without that vignette keep in mind, the penalty is horribly high.

    Source(s): me, a native swiss
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    Why don't you try checking out this link for more info:

    be sure to pass the basic scenic routes of Zurich to Lucerne to Brü*** Pass then to Interlaken then Zweisimmen and

    Montreux and finally Geneva.

    Have a safe trip !!!

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