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How does one become a flight attendant and what airline has the age requirement of 18?

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    Contact any airline of your choice. The airlines, provide the schooling, and they will take anyone of the age 18 and over

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    Not all airlines hire under 21. You should check the low cost carriers like Air Tran, Southwest or America West or the smaller carriers like Spirit, Sun Country, Allegiant or the Regional Carriers like ASA, Comair, American Eagle etc. Legacy carriers like Delta, United, US Air, American will be hard if not impossible to get hired on right now, most are not hiring. Just go to their websites and check Career Opportunities. Training is 3-6 weeks unpaid in the city of their hub. The first year you are on call and usually live in a dorm style housing with 40 other FA's and go when you are called. Money is low the first several years, you have to build senority to get good segments and more money. I recommend starting with a regional carrier and then working your way to their mainline airline to get the International segments when you have more time under your belt.

    The main thing they are looking for is your height and weight must be perportionate, they no longer require weigh ins pre-flight. You must be atleast 5'4'' on most carriers and be able to reach the overhead bin with out assistance.

    It can be a tough job as well as exhausting. You live out of a suitcase and you're in several different cities in any given day sometimes.

    Source(s): Worked for a legacy carrier for many years.
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    The age is the two 19 or 21. some require 25. each airline is distinctive. circulate to the airlines careers internet site on there internet site. To get a activity as a flight attendant, you may desire to have graduated from intense college, and faculty isn't required, yet favored. you may desire to even have journey in hospitality or the provider marketplace. And especially, you may desire to fulfill their top, weight, and innovative and prescient standards. Make a catalogue of each airline you may evaluate working for. There are the glaring ones, delta, AA, AirTran, Southwest, yet do no longer ignore the smaller community airlines. Frontier, Allegiant, Westjet, and Alaska airlines to call purely some. finding all of them will take slightly extra study, yet their are 1000's of airlines obtainable and that all of them hire human beings. additionally all of them have employment section on their web content. Now, circulate to each airlines corporation internet site and circulate to the employment section. in specific situations the hyperlink is termed "Careers" or "occupation possibilities" or "Employment". seek for openings which you're qualified for and deliver your resume. They inform you precisely what they want on line. Please do your self a want and make each Resume/disguise Letter specific to the airline your employing to. It makes a extensive distinction and exhibits you care approximately getting a activity. it is only that uncomplicated. There are not any secrets and methods, no insider suggestions that assure your employment. only be expert and prepare.

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