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Is circumsions good for adult males or should it just stay as is?

Currently seeking answers if i should do it or not?

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    Well some people say its good others disagree. I took a class and it seems it is a good idea to do it when youe a baby so that the nerve ending that are lost can grow again and it wont loose sensibility but if it is done when you older then you might loose some sesibility (anb it wont grown again) meaning that sex might not feel the same way....I would leave it alone it dosent bother and you should be fine aslong as you clean daily.

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    If it doesn't inhibit sex the way it is now, I would leave it. I was circumsized as a baby, and I wish I hadn't been, because it has left me with a rather ugly scar and I have almost no sensation from the middle of my penis up to the head. I'm just thankful that the head still has it's nerve endings intact.

  • 1 decade ago

    Please tell me what "circumsions" is. Maybe then I will be able to answer your question.

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