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How does "The Astronaut's Wife" end?

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    Her husband the astronaut was possessed by an alien. She was pregnant with his alien twins. She has him cornered in their apartment kitchen threatening suicide by stopping up all the sinks & tubs in the place and turning on all the water so that it starts to flood the place. She has the radio in the kitchen sink with the water running over it and she has the plug to it in one hand and an extension cord that is plugged into a wall outlet in the other while she's sitting on a stool. He believes she going to kill herself and his twins but at the last minute, when the water upstairs come spilling down the balcony, she plugs in the radio and lifts up her feet. He gets fried and the alien jumps from him to her. At the very end, the twin boys she had are 6 years old and going off to their first day of school and she (still possessed by the alien) is married to an Air Force pilot. She tells him the boys are going to grow up to be pilots just like their father.

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    The Astronaut's Wife

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    How does "The Astronaut's Wife" end?

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    She a had a son or twin boys didn't she? The Big Daddy twins (Adam Sandler movie). He's (or they are) evil. Been forever since I watched it. Oh yeah, she tried to kill herself. She succeeded in that but obviously her offspring survived.

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