Greatest Drink?

What to you is the greatest alcoholic beverage you have ever tried?

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    I like Rasberry Stoli and cranberry juice with a lime. There are so many good drinks, but that one is DELICIOUS and suave with the chicks as well.

    I also LOVE grape ginger mead. Mead is HONEY WINE and simliar to champagne. The grapes make it more a wine and the ginger a bit of spice. It is a sparkling mead, called cyser (sp?), and comes out a bit like a wine cooler. But at about 12 percent alcohol, two twelve ouncers will sink most people. I have lost the original recipe, but you can start with:

    12 pounds of honey (cracked - dropped in boiling water and taken off the heat)

    3 pounds of grapes mashed

    3 decent sized ginger roots grated

    1 tablespoon of Irsh Moss (to help clarify it faster)

    Champagne Yeast (or liquid mead yeast if available)

    Enough water to make 5 gallons

    I think the 12 pounds is about right. You can get ALL THE SUPPLIES at a home brew shop minus the grapes and ginger. If you are interested, you can find more information on making mead in a book on on the WEB, but that was ONE of MANY PEOPLE'S favorites of my concoctions. It was something else.

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    It's called an orgasm. Red Death is good too. Then ther's a shot called a dirty condom. Long Island ice teas are great. Try a shot called 24 karrot nightmare aka liquid cocain

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    There are so many good ones that are good for different reasons. It's like apples and oranges. I've had some great beers. Sometimes a glass of wine tastes good. Summertime is good for margaritas and gin and tonics.

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    A green iguana... basically it's a margarita with a shot of midori melon liqueur... it's rather sweet, but it's great fun to stump the bartender with it.

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    A relaxer. Peach Schnapps, Malibu rum, light rum, pineapple juice and cranberry juice.

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    Chocolate Martini made with Grey Goose and Godiva liqueur. It tastes great and will knock you on your *** before you know it.

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    Nectar of the Gods... honeydew mountain vine water... whatever.

    Great stuff.

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