why am I doing this?

The last couple of nights I've been walking around my house in soul form while my body is sleeping. I feel a lot of fear and just walk around trying to turn on lights and they don't work, but I don't seem to realize I am out of my body, I just feel really scared while I'm doing it and I don't know why I get the feeling I need to go outside and look at the stars but I'm too afraid to cuz I don't know what's out there. I don't see anything unusual in my house everything's the same no other spirits or anything, I seem to be all alone, I know it is real because I look at the clock since I couldn't turn on lights I thought maybe the electricity was out so I checked the digital clock to see if it was working and then I call out to god and wake up in my body and the time is the same. This has happened for two nights in a row. Is it caffeine or something?


I do feel like maybe something pushed me out because I didn't try to do it.

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    your description sounds like an out of body experience. have you ever done this before? (some) people believe that you can travel all over the world through this experience. though you would be advised from going too far away from your body, since other spirits could inhabit it while you're away (then you would have to fight such spirit for custody of your body once more...when you returned)

    it may be that you do have these powers but haven't learned how to use them yet if you want to at all...

    so you need to decide if this is something you want to learn more about.

    you probably feel fear during these times because your soul is confused. there is something you need to take care of, either mentally -or physically to stop this from happening. you need to go around your house when you are awake and see if something is wrong with your house that keeps your soul awake. as crazy as that sounds try moving objects around and see if that helps. Take care of anything that hangs over your mind and haunts you while you can, for either yourself or someone close to you.

    good luck

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    Oh no! Go talk to a theripast. Or, it could be a dream. Are you going to bed early enough? I would be really scared if i were you. Nothing is working when you turn lights on? You have a serious problem. You're going to make ME have nightmares! It could be a spirit that enters your body while asleep. Tonight, if the same thing happens, try to take a nap during the day. If the same spooky spirit happens then, it's time you talk to a theripast. Maybe God is trying to tell you something! Maybe a loved one is going to die, maybe a lot of people have lived in your ouse and they are try9ing to say that they want their house for themselves. Ask your parents about moving back home if you are very scared.


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    Please settle down - it's alright.

    Yes - you may be taking some out of body walks. It's not unusual - you are just one of the ones that remember.

    Here are two sources:

    Sylvia Browne - I don't know which book - probably "See What I See" - Anyway she's got a book out that explains a lot of things

    The Secret Science Behind Miracles by Max Freedom Long

    Again - don't worry - it's normal.

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    It sounds more like an out of the body dream than a true out of the body experience to me. Good luck, you are calling for the right Person any way try praying hard to have him tell you why you are dreaming this or experiencing it.

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    Sylvia Brown the world famous psychic would probably tell you that your being show you have a gift by your spirit guide if you know their name you just tell them that you are not ready, because if it frightens you, you must not be...Other wise tell God to let you have it to be able to use your gift and some what control it. You must be psychic in the sense that you can see things paranormally.

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    Don't worry that happens to many people.. They think that they are dreaming but they are not... Sometimes they think that they are flying.. but what is actually happening is that you spirit gets out of your body.. well that is what I heard of a lot of people experience and they can even see themself sleeping... kind of weird.. you may think your sleeping but you are not your soul is moving but your body is not...

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    Well I have to say caffeine has never done this to me, I have no idea what's going on with you. If it's fear, it isn't from God, this I know. You might want to have someone pray with you for this.

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    Do You Have A Spiritual Leader In your Life?.....If not seek one out!.....my answer to your question is: you really need to start going to church and you will get all your questions answered both natural & spiritual, plus Blessings from GOD There!.......After all, that's why GOD put His MINISTRIES INTO OPERATION! (Eph. 4: 11- 15), (Jonh chapter 3), John 14: 6), (Acts 4: 12).........

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    You should go check out the stars next time

    ___conquer your fears !

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    Check out this site. She talks about astro physical stuff or something that sounds like your out of body experience. Either that, or you have very vivid dreams.

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