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Certificate of Naturalization ?????

I was born in China and when i came to the US my mom took the citizenship test and became a Citizen when i was 16. So i automatically became a citizen too but have never received something called a Certificate of Natualization. Is this normal? does evryone get it? where do i get one?


i have a US passport so i am a US citizen.

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    You have what is known as Derivative Naturalization. You get (or derive) your American Citizenship through your parents.

    You have to be 18 to get a Certificate.

    If you want your own Certificate of Naturalization, you can apply at your local CIS office.

    If you want to get a passport, you would need the following items.

    Your Mother's Certificate of Naturalization.

    Your original birth certificate.

    Your Green Card (or a note explaining why you don't have it)

    Two passport photos

    The DS-11 Form filled out

    Your driver's license

    Two checks for the payments

    Source(s): Passport Agent for 15 years
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    When your mother applied for citizenship, she included your name in file as well.

    You might have to ask your mother about the certificate.

    Not every children would become citizens IF for some reason the parent forgot or didn't file in their names.

    ** This certificate would be important for example if you will be attending college and you need to prove that you are a US citizen so that you can obtain student financial aid.

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    a million. make certain no be counted if US Citizenship and Immigration centers does, or might desire to, have a checklist for you. USCIS can provider requests for naturalization archives with: o Index to all naturalizations considering the fact that 27 Sep 1906 o C-archives (assertion of purpose, Petition, certificates), from 27 Sep 1906 to recent. 2. Request a USCIS variety G-639 by capacity of digital mail. 3. Upon receipt of variety G-639, fill it out, mutually with a minimum of your immigrant's complete call, date of delivery (or approximate date), and u . s . a . of delivery. commerce names/spellings could be effectual. the place they settled interior the U. S. could be effectual (as long as they stayed in a single place). Ask for "any and all archives, extremely any naturalization archives." 4. connect any documentation you have, which includes a replica of an previous certificates, previous immigrant identity card, or regardless of you have touching directly to immigration and naturalization. If the immigrant's birthdate is decrease than a hundred years in the past, connect a replica of the loss of existence certificates, an obituary from the newspaper, or something showing the guy is deceased. 5. save a replica of all of this. 6. Mail it to: USCIS Freedom of strategies 2d floor ULLB, 111 Massachusetts highway, NW Washington, DC 20529. 7. In 2 or 3 weeks, you will possibly desire to get a receipt interior the mail asserting INS gained your request and assigned it a case huge type (shown on the receipt). save this receipt, considering the fact which you will possibly be able to desire that huge type. 8. no longer commonly necessary, yet be arranged! - in case you are not getting a receipt in approximately one month, deliver in yet another reproduction of your request, and accomplish that till you get that receipt. 9. Wait. while you're interior the gadget, your huge type has to come back up eventualy

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    Children under 18 can become naturalized with their parents, but the certificate is required. See if your mom's certificate has your name on it as well. Otherwise, you'll have to contact the Office of Immigration and Naturalization Administration.

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    You are not a US citizen.

    Just because your mom took the test does not cover you!

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    Why do you need that scrap of paper if you are a US citizen already?

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    then your not a citizen

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