Wedding decorations?

I need specific sites that have good decorations for a wedding done as if it were in Las Vegas. I need streamers, balloon, and other various decorations. I've been looking for weeks and finding nothing. Specific sights would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

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    I got married in Vegas but the shower was here in Chicago.

    Try the Dollar Store. Get playing cards and fan them out and staple. Use them to dress up whatever. Play money, poker chips, dice, feather boas--all each a dollar.

    At my shower, we did not register for gifts, instead we registered for gift cards. This way no one had to sit through hours of opening presents being bored. We hired a professional comedian to entertain instead (just like Vegas!!) The cake was a white sheet cake with black & red trim. On it were two frosting playing cards (aces) It read "two of a kind". I hate that "showers of happiness crap!! We also gave Vegas themed lottery tickets for party favors.

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    Streamers & balloons? No vegas casino has streamers and balloons that I'm aware of. This sounds more like a graduation or child's b-day party.

    Here are some photos from the Bellagio casino. You might want to look through some of the various wedding sites in Vegas to see what the photos look like before committing to streamers and balloons. Most are done with pillars, flowers, and bows. Except of course if Elvis is involved. Which would be great! : )

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    Oriental Tradinbg Company has lots of stuff that I think would be useful to you. Also try a yahoo or google search for prom decorations. Sounds silly I know but that is where I found my stuff! Good Luck and Congrats!!

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    this may sound dull to you, but for my child's wedding, we went onto yahoo search, typed in wedding photos, and then clicked the images, and it showed us thousands of wedding photos with the decorations in the background. we used many of the ideas that we saw. So find a way to just review pictures of weddings

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    shin digz.con great vegas stuff.good luck.

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    try this site, its very good and cheap.

    good luck

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