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i need some advice about this?

Please I need some advice I really dunno if I am pregnant or not!?

My last cycle was around June 3, and it's the 19th of July now. I have had 4 at home urine test all were negative but the forth one the second line was slighty faded.. before when I was pregnant with my first son thats the way the pregnancy test was, so I went to the dr and took yet another urine pregnancy test, and that one came back negative. I asked for a blood test but they said insurance would not pay for it, Should I continue to but urine test until one comes up positive or not.. I feel like I am pregnant, I am tired all the time, my breasts hurt, and I am really moody. I am going to be worried until i start my cycle or i find out if I am pregnant...

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    There really is no way for any of us to tell you for sure. The best thing you can do is treat youe body as if you were pregnant(i.e. no alcohol, no drugs, eat foods high in folic acid etc.) then give it another week or so and take the home pregnancy test using your first morning urine. It is difficult to tell from symptoms since the symptoms of pregnancy are so close to the symptom of menstration. Just take it easy and good luck.

    By the way I can relate I have had false negatives and one line was so faint it was hard to see, my doc told me it was due to the low hormone levels of an early pregnancy. Again...good luck

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    I seriously think u need to go to the dr. again if he says ur not pregnant well then ur not----give it a couple of more weeks and get it off ur mind---its weird cuz when ur definetly pregnant the pregnancy test should be positive right away. Go see another dr. for a second opinion or just wait. Good luck!!!

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    I would just wait till like the beginning of august and just keep it off your mind right now. Give your body some time. It would be good so stress isnt affecting your cycle either. I know its hard not to think about it. But just try not to, and if it hasnt started by then test again. :)

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    Try not to stress. I would pay for the blood test myself, but I would also wait a few days. It could be that you are pregnant but your hormone levels are not high.

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    You could wait but then you might be pregnant and then you can get a abortion, if you don't wait and have the blood test and find out it's positive then you'll have to have the abortion anyways, unless you are against abortion, then i don't know what I would do. So i would wait.

  • People are rude. wait a week or so then retest. IF it is that much of a bother to you, then pay for the blood test!

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    Planned Parenthood is a great resource for women issues that insurance won't pay for...just an idea...

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    i think u should stop all ur doing is wasting $

    ur not pregnant the simptoms are because u think ur pregnant, it will pass BELIEVE ME!

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