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Many Christians believe that God is a thinking being, that he solves problems and makes a way for them when troubles come. Does God Think? If God is thinking, did he know his thoughts before he thought them? If so, again, where is his freewill and how is God thinking at all if everything seems to be one uncontrollable action/thoughts.


-I'd say a God cannot think at all. To do so, would strip him of omniscience. Thinking is a temporal process.

Update 2:


1.) God, an atemporal being, created the Universe.

2.) Creation is a temporal processes because X cannot cause Y to come into being unless X existed temporally prior to Y.

3.) If God existed prior to the creation of the Universe he is a temporal being.

4.) Since God is atemporal, God cannot be the creator the Universe.

Update 3:

-I guess I should also add here that a timeless being would be without the proposition of past, and future. But to be omniscient, God must know the past and future. Hence a God that is atemporal and omniscient cannot logically exist.

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    you are using finite logic in an attempt to explain the infinite. an infinite being would be required to create the finite. an atemporal being would be required to create the temporal. an all-knowing being would be required to create knowledge. an all powerful being would be required to create power. you are attempting to say that an all powerful God could not know the thing He was creating, but He is also all knowing. if He is all knowing, He must have thoughts, for what is knowledge but thought processes? if He is eternal, and created time, He could not be bound by the thing He Himself created, yet would rule over it and control it by His own means. just because you don't understand laws that do not apply to you does not mean that God (who is all knowing) does not know the laws that do not apply to Him. He exists outside of time (atemporal) outside of space (omnipresent) outside of knowledge (all knowing) and outside of our finite understanding.

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    You're logic is flawed in a number of ways. In items 3 and 4 you try to state that God is atemporal (outside time) and therefore couldn't have created the universe because to do so he would have had to exist prior to the universe making him temporal. This logic flaw is due to your inability to think outside your current temporal paradigm.

    Time, by definition, didn't exist until the universe as we understand it was born. Therefore, anything that existed prior to the birth of our universe was by definition atemporal. This doesn't cancel out the possibility of the Creator as you imply, it merely confirms that he/she is infinite, the alpha and the omega.

    You then try to state that a God that is atemporal (outside time) and omniscient (all knowing) cannot exist, which is once again a flawed argument due to your limited thought scope.

    I suggest you learn more about the true nature of the Creator, try to think outside the box a little, and quit using these big words - they are just confusing you. :)

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    "does God think?" I do not know I can see at least 2 answers but knowing God there is atleast a third to the question.

    Does God know God's thoughts before God thinks thenm if God is Omnipotent?

    No, God can usually considers things on a linear basis of time and only uses the knowledge of the far end goal to direct decissions.

    Where is God's freewill? God chose the outcome and st the rules

    Finally, I can not explain the thoughts of a lunatic so I would never try to explain God's thoughts. (No, i am not saying God is crazy just, that God does not always think the way I do. I trust God, I do not trust the lunatic)

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    Nobody understand how God fully works. Second, he does have freewill since he created us and gave his son for us. Nobody told him to. He could have just let us die ,but he loved us so much he gave his son for us. And what do you mean one uncontrollable action or thought. God controls what he does.

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    According to the Medieval Scholatics, God (and the angels) think non-discursively.

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    This question is ridiculous, God's thoughts are higher than our thoughts, Jesus said so. But further, what makes you or anyone think they can comprehend perfection? Its impossible to. Our concept of perfection is always faulty because of the basis we use to describe it.

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    I know my God and real and exsists now matter how many ways you try to put him down. And your drivel makes as much sense as trying to push a ton of bricks up hill by yourself with nothing to help you.

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    Acid head get off and get another fix, sound like your waxing philosophical and some uninformed child like creature might be deceived by your mindless babbling.

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    Your intelligence comes across hollow and false. Search for true knowlege.

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    God says his thoughts are above our thoughts,Yes he does think.

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