Can some one explain this to me? Please read the Question at the end.?

Moses orders the killing of the boys and non-virginal women, but said to go ahead and keep the virgins for themselves. Again, an implicit approval of rape.


(And how were the men supposed to determine who were virgins anyway?)

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    It was determined early in the old testament that any society that didn't follow the Hebrew religious customs wasn't thought of as "people," and could be taken advantage of in many ways. Their land, resources, and young women could be taken and used any way they wanted.

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    It had more to do with age than anything else. The women and children that were allowed to remain alive were young enough to except the lord and not keep on worshiping other gods as was the practice of the people in those area's. They were taking youth into their homes and then raising them as children of Israel. Remember that women were often married at the age of 13 back then, that would put the women who were talked about in the age group of about 12 and the young men were killed because they didn't want them to grow up and rebel against Israel, so were probably about the age of 6 or 8 before they were let to live. No one has ever said the lord let those who were unjust go with out punishment. and the age of accountability is the age of 8. Those who die younger than that are not held accountable for their sins.

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    Numbers 31:17 is the verse in question.

    The hymen would be inspected, to see if it was intact. If it was not intact, she was not a virgin.

    The women are "the spoils of war". If, after this event, she had sex with a man, the couple would be obliged to get married. I'm not sure who would get the bride price, though.

    As far as it being approval for rape, the men that had committed adultery with the women had already been put to death. This was merely punishment of the women who had committed adultery.

    This passage is not about rape, although there are a number of such passages in the Torah.

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    Don't believe anything you read in the Bible,,,it's just a story-book invented to suit men... Anyway...who took the virginity of those women?nobody cares about that...If you read carefully,you will see how "holy"men f**k every good-looking woman they see and then the woman is "a devil's tool".In another case,a man marries (without being judged by God) with two women(sisters) bigamy OK?'s stupid and sexist...don't bother with it anymore...Think at God as being the only true friend you have and that is all you need...It worked for me...

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  • No, it was not approval of rape. It was a question of keeping the diseases associated with the depraved worship practices of those nations out of Israel. How did they determine who was a virgin? I don't know. But I know that God, Who is sovereign, just and HOLY desired them to live holy, sanctified, consecrated, and HEALTHY lives.

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    I think they determined virginity by who was young & pretty-lol, I wonder how many 'virgins' there were since apparently, they believed all other societies practiced religions were fertility rituals were a big part;

    I find it ironic that Xtians claim 'God is love' and when one of many, many verses are pointed out that contradicts that statement, their answer is that the reader 'is taking it out of context'...isn't saying 'God is love' 'taking it out of context' since there are so many verses that show otherwise (especially in the OT)

    Source(s): the 'Good Book' (what a laugh-any caring human who has a child should read the thing before displaying it in their home!)
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    GOD Brought Judgment On All Sin!...What you need to do is get Saved, go to church and learn the things of GOD from the OLD Testament To The NEW TESTAMENT! yahoo is not going to really give you the COMPLETE SPIRITUAL ANSWERS YOU NEED!....That's Why GOD Put MINISTRIES INTO OPERATION! (Eph. 4: 11- 15)!.....Ps If you're looking for talk shows, opinions, theologies, phylosophies, man made views, etc. etc. etc. then fine!....but if you're looking for what GOD SAYS In HIS WORD, Then You've Got THE RIGHT ONE!...TRUTH!

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    Your lack of factual reference to a specific chapter and/or verse in the Holy Bible only lends to the evidence of your ignorance.

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    2 points :)

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    Boy are you missing the point!

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