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What are the cameras used for that are mounted on top of intersection lights?

I'm not talking about the "red light cameras". I'm talking about the cameras that are mounted on top of the lights at intersections.


Please read the question people: I'm not talking about the obvious cameras that take a picture of you if you run a red light. I'm talking about the simple cameras mounted on top of the lights at intersections.

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    I DID read the question and those cameras mounted on top of the lights at intersections ARE for catching you if you run a red light. And will be used if there is an accident at that intersection.

    We have them here even in little "ole" Maine.

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    Actually cameras mounted on top of stop lights are used to monitor traffic flow and accidents. If you think about it places in Florida have stop lights all around. However, Florida vehicles do not have a front license plate. So how do they catch you running the light? Now if there is a traffic accident they can go back and view the tape but that is about it.

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    they in many circumstances make a quiet clicking sound, in spite of the indisputable fact that the bigger issue is this: were you already contained in the intersection before your mild grew to change into pink? if so, my expertise is that you're fantastic. so a procedures as i understand it truly is unlawful to enter the intersection AFTER the mild turns pink. The trick right here isn't to start up "racing" the pink mild, or finally it is going to turn pink too quickly, and which could be at between the digicam intersections, in case your success is a few thing like mine. ultimately, i understand it isn't basic, yet don't worry about stuff that already occurred. no matter if you do get the price ticket, there is no longer some thing you should do about it today.

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    Some of them turn the light for you. But most take pictures of cars going through after the light turns yellow and red. Then tickets are sent to the owners of those license plates.

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    There are some cameras at intersections for emergency vehicles...they change the light for them to helpthe flow of traffic so they arent caught in it.

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    How can a person get access to the 360 degree camera from a car accident?

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    Bust speeders and people that run reds.

    Also to monitor traffic issues.

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    President Bush and Homeland Security are spying on you :)

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    to catch peeps who run reds

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    my guess would be to monitor traffic flow

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