Why do strangers find out my age and say I need love and that’s why I want a baby?

I am 23 years old, my husband and I have been together for 5 years and we plan to start trying for a baby next year.

I told my husband that I didn’t want to wait much longer to start a family, he said he was ready too. For the past 6 months my desire to have a family with him is getting worse.

I feel ready. I have a college education, a house that will be paid off next year, and I have a stable job that I really love.

I don’t feel like I have missed out on anything! I have done everything I wanted from traveling all over, to skydiving to college! I feel almost complete except I don’t have a family yet.

I have lived on my own since I was 18, I never did drugs, partied, slept around, or drank. I guess I have always been very stable even growing up. Happiness to me is staying home with my husband and dog. :)

Why do people say I just want a baby so I have something to love me? I am not 16, I will be 25 when I have the baby. My husband and I want a family!

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    maybe ur personality gives off a vibe

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    You should know better than to listen to people, (strangers) they are not there when you lay your head down at night. I am a full time mom and really love my children, however I rarely see my husband alone, so I can say I miss those times. If you are truly ready to have a baby then be ready, however children dont happen when you want it, it happens in GODS time, not our own, You should just take this time in your lives and really enjoy being together, because once the little ones get here, you will be reminising on the times you got to sleep in and take a nap in the after noon! If you pray on it and keep your life going just the way it is, you will be great parents BAR NONE! Enjoy the time you and hubby have, and the rest will come naturally, after all if you two dont enjoy YOUR SPECIAL TIME, how can you have any little ones,? as for the strangers , just smile and keep on steping, you know yourself better than some lost soul, right?



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    Nothing wrong with that. At least you've waited this long. It sounds like the right time for you. Just do it. Ignore the "personality issues, needing love", obviously you have love if your husband wants to have a family too. You've had fun, done school, not screwed your life up for the baby, so you'll be a happier parent than some, but only because you've done your solo stuff that you wanted to go out and do. I hope you enjoy your family. I also hope I get all my solo stuff done before I "oops" and have a family, 'cuz then I won't be happy like you will. Have fun with your baby though:).

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    At 26 you should know by now that people are going to say and do some of the craziest things. You and your husband have a child, and you welcome that baby into the world with all the love possible, and don't worry what all the buzybodies are saying. My husband and I try for 5 years to have a baby. We have a beautiful daughter, who is my heart, she just got married, and I am hoping one day God will bless me with a grandchild. You sound like one the most put together people on here, and you want a child. A baby with the man you love, and you have some one to love him, you aren't replacing him. Some people want someone to love them, and they have children, but unfortunately just because you have a baby-doesn't mean that child is going to love you. You have your baby, and let the dog be part of it. My little dog, Brandy, used to lay her head on my lap and feel the baby kick. She was excited as we were when we brought home our little blessing. We have a son also, which I thank God everyday for also. Please have your family, ignore the remarks, and be happy.....God bless...

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    Everybody has their own perspective on when a female needs or should be a Mom. Mine is that it's you & your husband's decision, and not society's. So, it's great that you've experienced so much so young, and know what you want to fulfil your life to be happy. There should be other females so lucky. Don't think about what others think because it's obvious that you haven't up to this point and things have gone just great. By the way, I'm a Mom of 4 daughters with wide age ranges, so, if anyone knows how to think for their own needs, it's Me. Good Luck!

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    Well, who cares what those people think?

    I think 25 is a good age to start having kids. We started several years later and regret it now. If everything else in your life is complete, and you and your husband are ready, then there's no reason not to start now. The earlier you start, the more control you have over how many kids you have. Go for it and don't worry about what others think, it's you and your family's decision.

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    The most important thing they are failing to realize, you are married, stable, and have a J.O.B.

    However none the less, how obsessed are you with having a child? Is this something you sleep, eat, and think about 24/7? Perhaps the people around you may be tired of hearing you complain about having a baby. To be fair, you shouldn't be too concerned what people say or think. People will talk whether it's good or bad.

    If you are that concerned about what people say or think. Perhaps you probably should hold off on having kids. (my opinion)

    Just take your time, it will happen when it happens. Good luck to you!

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    Go for it, it is never too late or too early, is when you have the time and desire to love and take care of your childrens. My personal experience was more a less like yours everybody keep sayiing that i wasnt prepared to have childrens. Now my son is three years old and they are amazed how well I educated him, and how i am able to manage my time since I work full time in a family business and still have time for doing all the stuff at home and take care of my baby.

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    Don't listen to those people-they are stupid and narrow minded. I am myself 24, independent, with masters degree, career, I own my own home. I don't have the desire to be crazy and immature like most women my age. The one thing you have over me is the fact that you found someone as special as your husband and you started a family. I say- have the baby. This is mature enough age to get that, especially after all that you have accomplished. I wish you happiness and good luck with the baby- I hope its a girl

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    *LOL* it is like why do people arise and get in touch with your abdomen without asking. i wager it is only an urge for some. They both have children or won't be able to arise to the urge to ask or placed their fingers on your abdomen. even as a stranger asks how old the child is that is activity when you've the child or the call.

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    I would say that having children in your mid twenties is probably the best age to have them. It'll take 20 or so years to raise them and get them out of your house. That means you will be in your mid-forties/early fifties when you're done (unless you're like me - I had 5 kids). That's still young enough to enjoy your spouse, almost like you were newlyweds, if you don't grow apart. I'm in my mid-forties and I've got another 8 years or so!

    Source(s): Father of 5, married my high school sweetheart at 22, still with her!
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