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I have pregnancy symptoms but the home pregnancy test came back neagtive, could it have been wrong?

I slept with a guy friend of mine and we didn't use protection, but he said he pulled out before he came, but someone told me that pre *** can get you pregnant and it was a day after the 2 week mark, which is when most women ovulate. Pretty much ever since we slept together I've felt really weird. I'm always nauseus, and when I eat cause I think it might be cause I'm hungry, I feel like I'm going to throw up. I've been feeling lightheaded and really fatigued all the time. I've got the worst heartburn all the time. I can't stop peeing or at least feeling like I have to pee. I can go to the bathroom and when I'm finished I'll still feel like I got to go. I've been getting some cramps too, which I am due to start tomorrow, but I never get cramps before my period, I only get cramps the first day with my periods. I had issues with number 2 as well, which is weird for me too because I have no gall bladder. I'm just worried that something is wrong because the test said negative. Could I be?


I kinda want to pregnant and I totally want the baby if I am, I just thought I would mention that after I read some of the answers and thanks for the help.

Update 2:

We slept together not that long ago and I've reshearched it a lot and many women have symptoms from the time of conception and pre *** always has sperm and can get women pregnant quite often.

Update 3:

I haven't been late yet and I have never gotten any symptoms like that before my period. The only thing I get before my period is crankiness and acne. And I got the symptoms before I started worrying, there what made me worry. But thanks for the advice, I wish I could go to a doctor to get it checked for sure, but I lost my health insurance.

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    the test could have been wrong. You may not have peed enough, or you may have peed too much. Take another test. I hear that the digital ones are more sensitive.

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    couple of things:

    1. stress can cause late periods. sounds like youre stressed about a possible pregnancy. alot of these symptoms can be brought upon by yourself (your mind), as youre thinking that you could be pregnant. it sounds wierd, but ive seen it happen.

    2. the things youre experiencing (heartburn, cramps, constipation) are also signs of PMS. that is why women sometimes get PMS and pregnancy confused. home pregnancy tests are relatively accurate, especially if you bought and used a good brand. i know for me personally, every month, the week before my period my breasts hurt, im constipated, i have some cramps, i pee like no tomorrow...and i have never been pregnant yet. and each month my husband and i go through the same crap...could i be pregnant? but i know better because for me, these are PMS symptoms. anyways, if youre unsure, visit a doctor to get a pregnancy test....if that comes back negative then write off your symptoms as PMS, and remember that stress can cause you to be late, including the stress about worrying whether or not youre pregnant.

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    I would wait 3 days after your missed period and then take it right away in the morning(your first pee). Stay calm and just wait it out. You'll know eventually. If you are pregnant I hope you opt for adoption if you don't want the baby. There are plenty of couples who desperately want a child and can't have one.

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    Hun, i understand how you experience with the completed gall bladder ingredient. i don't have mine both and each and each and every of the indicators that you're having are what made me understand that i became pregnant this time. counting on how before it became because you slept with him all kinda relies upon on if it is going to tutor on a house try. and my ob stated that there is a 2 week lea way on someone's envisioned due date. so provide it time and in case you try back in a week or 2 and its nevertheless detrimental yet you've the indicators call your obgyn and get a blood try. good success and desire issues bypass the way you pick.

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    When did this happen? You wouldnt feel most symptoms very early in pregnancy. I would wait a few days and retake when you are a week late.

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    In rare cases precum contains sperm which could lead to pregnancy, check for urinary tract infection ..it could be that too.

    take care

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