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Why are people hating on "thugs"? Momma said good girls don't date "thugs"?

Not all thugs are "Bad" if you know what I mean. I'm saying it's just a style, a way of life and an attitude.

What makes a thug different from a preppy dude who wears flip flops?

Don't be judging people solely by their looks.


I'm a dude. That's why momma said good girls won't date me.

Update 2:

Frank the hating dude, Who the Fawk you think you are? Eminem? you gotta be kidding with the whole mankind plus them martians.

Wigga just be quiet and speak when you are spoken to.

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    A thug is, by definition, an unpleasant person - 'a ruffian, a cut- throat' - the word coming from the name of a religious fraternity that murdered stealthily by strangling or poisoning in India. Today, as I understand it, it refers to a young male who is violent, thoughtless and anti - social - not good boyfriend material by anyone's standards. Or have I not caught up with the latest trends again? Anyway, Mums are very often right - listen to yours!

  • I agree with you - you shouldn't judge people by their looks, unfortunately in America it happens everyday.

    when you say "thugs" are you talking bad boy - rebellion?

    I believe there are a lot of good-hearted "thugs" out there, but sometimes they can't catch a break.

    Good girls are usually the ones to get lured in by "thugs" because they have been taught to nurture and take care of others. Many "thugs" need nurturing and taking care of. I fell into that trap about 16 years ago.

    2 kids later - with a "thug" who couldn't hold a job, couldn't stay out of jail, and wasn't much of a father - i had to leave.

    If you find a "thug" is what you need or who you are - just let it be an attitude and not an outward mark on your behavior - it's not worth it down the road. Life is hard enough as it is - why choose a lifestyle that brings on more obstacles?

    you know the saying "love can conquer all" well "love won't pay the bills" - growing up to be a respectable person doesn't mean you can't be a "thug" at heart on your own time when it won't affect the people you love.

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    You are an embarrasment. Yea, thats a great style. Lets all see if we can all look like Eminem. Lets see how many times we can curse in one sentence. I wonder how cool I would be if I wrote my name on a bridge. Hey I'll get laid more if I sell marijuana. I have an Idea, How bout I wear my pants below my d*ck. do you even know where the style of wearing your pants that low came from? It started in a prison. Bunch of guys walking around with the pants falling off because they weren't allowed to have belts (suicide and Homocide). Guess what? I do judge by looks. I dont even need to see you to do so!!! Oh and by the way, my friend almost got killed because he was confronted by someone who looked like a "thug". My girlfriend is afraid to go to the town she use to live in because of people like you that she did trust (she had a gun aimed (loaded) at her head when she was 7. Quit being an embarrasment to your family and society.

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    it depends. are you truely a "thug" or do you just look like one? when you say its a way of life well then there you go. the "thug" lifestyle is a lot more then just an appearence. it is an attitude that is not necessarily the most desirable to women looking for a long term relationship.

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    In every situation I've seen... the Momma always has the right answer. If your mom said don't date thugs... den don't. She probably had a few herself and knows that they bad news. If you want the downside of life then go against what she says... other den dat... listen to yo momma girl.

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    When somebody is called a "thug", it usually implies that he is involved in crime/gang related activities and is possibly of below-average intelligence and/or somewhat violent. If he is, then that is a problem. If he just dresses like he is, maybe he should alter his style to differentiate himself from his less trustworthy peers.

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    Its not about looks. Its about how a "thug" swears all the time and talks in ways most of us can't understand.

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    Thugs are stupid. Your Momma said so. Thugs dress retarded and wear there hats wrong, pull your pants up snoop dog.

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    Hmmm, maybe this is just me, but I was under the impression that all thugs WERE bad.

    No wait, the dictionary says they are too:

    a cruel or vicious ruffian, robber, or murderer.

    Yep, they don't sound too fun to me.

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