i really wonder why women want from men.?


i want WHY not WHAT :)

anyway why do they want from us, not only materials(money gold house car etc) but also the rest respect, love, patience.. etc. why? Arent they humans? Do they come from another planet? Okay, i dont refuse them, i never reject, i did my best(and i still do) but why i cany have from them??? impossible to have? any ways to have:)? help!!! :)

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    Similar spiritual outlook. Not having to ask how we can serve God together, because we're already doing it.

    Willingness to make a permanent, exclusive commitment - forsaking all other until death us do part. Respect. And more respect. And more respect.

    More specifically: No really does mean no, not maybe. And keep your paws off her body unless you have already made that lifetime commitment - and have permission. Every time, every step of the way.

    And most of all: the kind of love that is a choice and will be there regardless of feelings.

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    I can't talk for all women but I would say most of the ones I know and myself.....we look for a friend, for a lover , a partner ,a good example for our kids, somebody who understand that men and women are not perfect , nobody's perfect but you can be happy just by trying to work little issues and keep the relationship running.....

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    Ok what women want from men? well i would say a stable relationship, good safe unprotected sex.. establish some financial security.. a good potential father for the kids.. a good life a happy beutiful home.. good things... get the point? most of this things we can acomplish by our self but its always good to have someone to share it with,, we do not ask for much do we??

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    They want real love not fake love. The kind that you would lay your life on the line for her. Women want to feel like the most important thing on earth to the man. You have to show them not just tell them. That's really what makes them tick.

    Source(s): 20 years of great marriage
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    Women want to have someone they can depend, that they can spend the rest of their life with. They want to have similiar beliefs and hobbies etc. They want to be loved and treated well, if not doted on. Someone who will share responsibilities. Hey.... just my thoughts.

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    Keep in mind I have been married for 10 years and have two kids.

    I want my husband to be my best friend, provider, a good father to our children, a leader.

    But that's just me.

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    Love, the kind you clean up with a mop and bucket.

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    The romance and the commitment.

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