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help with yahoo messenger?

i cant see when my friend is online and when she sends me a IM she appears as ofline and i cant see her avatar thing neither plese help!!!!!

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    maybe she's signing in as invisible...if you sign in as invisible, then you don't appear online even if she talks to you

    about the of two things

    1) you have to press the button at the top of the window with a man (there are three, a mobile, an envelope, and a man, press on the man)

    2) maybe she didn't agree on sharing her avatar...she'll have to put a tick beside sharing her avatar...

    if nothing works, then it's a problem with your messenger, u'll have to either contact them or reinstall it

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    That's because she is either (1) invisible appearing offline to people or (2) she went stealth on you which means she didnt want you to see her online so only you can't tell that shes online... but if she's Iming you I would go with the first ..If you want to check to see if she's actually online go to your address book under email and it will tell if she's online or not.

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    Probably she is in "invisible mode" thats why she doent appear as online and she must have disable her avatar.

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    she is keeping herself to appear offline most probably....

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    tell her tro change her stealth settings

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