did you know they are trying to make homosexuality in to a handicap?

i read in the paper a few months back that they were actually gonna make homosexulity into a mental retardation handicap . can you imagine that. Handicaps are funded by the state they say it is like a chemical in balance that causes you to be gay and you could recieve payment for this handicap....i dont think they know what the hell they are doing because if that were the case we will have other coming out of the closet to claim their half...


when i find the article i will send it to everyone who does not beleive me i swear to you it was there because it shocked the hell out of me.... they only ran the article once and i havent seen it again but i copied it and it is in box at home in storage give me a few days and i will try to quote some of it to u

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i thought it was a stupid article because i know it was proven that u were born that way but for the article to come out and state that they were actually rethinking their view and considering passing that law was absolutly ludicrous.... because they would be giving the money away...hell i got a brother that plays gay to well not to get a check

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    You have been misinformed. Homosexuality used to be considered a mental illness but science has proved that people are born that way -- they do not have a choice about it and they are not mentally ill. Their hypothalamus is different from heterosexuals. That's the only biological difference.

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    That would be a giant step backward. The American Psychiatric Association and American Psychological association removed homosexuality as a disorder in the '70s. I don't think the move you are referring to is to make it as a mental retardation handicap, but rather a disability so it could be covered under the Americans With Disabilities Act. There are many disabilities covered under this act in addition to mental handicaps. If we look hard enough, all of us have some sort of disability of chemical imbalance that we could try to exploit for free money.

    However, I can't imagine an enlightened gay community pushing for such a thing when they have been working hard for many years to be accepted into the mainstream by society by changing discrimination practices. To claim handicap and seek payment would not bring respect from the mainstream, only a kind of pity or anger at the way taxpayer money is being spent.

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    I think the person that came up with that stupid idea is the one with the chemical imbalance. How in the heck are they going to make something like that stick? There is no way!!!! I know a guy who is mentally retarded and gay. Does this mean he will get double benefits? How is that going to work and how will they be able to tell if someone is or is not really gay?

    I am hoping you got some misinformation. They really aught to be concentrating on more important issues like getting us out of this mess in The Middle East and feeding homeless children with Aids.

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    There was a guy who posted a question on here a few weeks ago about being booted out of the military as the Pentagon had defined being gay as a disability. He was wondering if he should start the process of filing for disability.

    Can you imagine how many people would suddenly claim to be homosexual to get disability? This would be hideous. I guess its no worse than the guy I knew on the '96 U.S. Olympic track team hanging a handicap placard on his motorcycle at work.

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    Who is the "they" that you speak of? But anyway, that's just stupid! I cannot believe that people would be so ignorant as to classify perfectly intelligent people as retarded just because of the gender of the people to whom they are attracted. I'm not slamming retarded people, but being gay does not make us developmentally/learning challenged. People don't learn to be LGBTQ or straight!

    If being gay was caused by a chemical imbalance, that would mean that it was a disease, and the scientific community would surely have some sort of medication to "fix" us. I don't want to be paid because I'm gay. Don't get me wrong, I'd like a little extra spending money, but I think that the government ought to use it on practical things like sheltering the homeless instead. It is not a handicap!

    jermaine f, you've been reported.

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    I agree completely. I mean there are literally thousands of people sitting on their lazy butts collecting social security for things such as ADHD, Bipolar, or Depression. Now, I am not saying this are not serious diseases. But I don't believe that so many people cannot function, it's a way out of working. In this case they will just claim they are gay/lesbian. It gives those kinds of people another way to cheat the government, and in fact US the people who work for an honest living, and pay our taxes to help them sit around. I don't agree with it, but it does seem a little far fetched that it would actually be put into effect.

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    What a piece of bologna. What paper did you read that in?

    Check out the American Psychological Assassination or the American Medical Association, there is no such thought. They both have proclaimed that homosexuality a a normal occurrence in life, not a disease or disorder.

    I am guessing that you made this up just to start trouble. There is a social disorder for trouble makers. Sociopathic schizophrenia.

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    Sounds like a great idea to me! I wonder how they would determine the amount of the check? Will we be taking a "How gay are you test?" lol,,, the parking will be a he11 of a lot better I know that! I've always wanted one of those da*n stickers. Wonder what the bisexual people would get? Half a check? Probably would have a lot more people coming out of that dark, dark closet now! I love it!

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    I think it should be considered a handicap. It prevents a lot of people from getting jobs, keeping jobs, getting fair credit, fair housing, legal and financial benefits. There is so much discrimination out there for Gay people that they can't live their lives to it's fullest. So in short it could be considered a handicap for many Gay people. We are very handicapped socially, emotionally, financially.

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    I read in last year's psychology text that as recently as the 1970s homosexuals were considered to be mentally ill. But, all that changed in the 70s - when they discovered that gay people were born that way. So I don't understand this.

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