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Which is or was your favorite board game?

Mine was Guess Who? where all the people were ugly. Connect Four was fun too. I preferred the easy games that were short and not boring.

Clue was a good game but it was wayyyyy to long and also Monopoly, ugh so frustrating.


Also Twister was another favorite game of mine.

Update 2:

Who the **** do you think you are bbcranks? Gandhi?

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    My favorite board games are chess and stratego and risk.

    It's becuase they are strategick(didn't spell that right) games. These games help you learn more about how other people or other friends will react or respond but mostly i also like cards becuase it's simple and fun at the same time. I also like it becuase it goes fast like some card games like speed.

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    I loved the standard games like Monopoly, etc....

    However, my favorites were Strat-o-Matic Basketball (more of a simulation board game)....and Dungeons & Dragons (which could be classified as a board game without the board ;)

    Both those games required alot of imagination and I loved Strat-o-Matic for the statistical portions.

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    A game called Inside Moves. Combination of checkers and Chess. Made you have to think all angles sincefrom the start certain pieces could move any direction. Always had to watch your back and flank.

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    That's the most "unbrilliant" question I've ever read on YA.

    Why don't you ask:

    Which Monopoly game piece did you most enjoy shoving up your nose as a kid?

    See? Now that's brilliant.

    Now, don't ever say I've never done anything for you ever again.

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    Monopoly, Yahtzee and Clue

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    Balderdash, Beyond Balderdash, Cranium, Scene It

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    I like a game called Scotland Yard.

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    Candyland was my fave when i was a child and i liked Uno too. Connect Four was fun too...oh to be young again.

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    Candyland hands down was the bestest game ever! Anyone else feel that way?

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    I liked Life, Clue, and Payday

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