I looking for window malicious software removal Tool. that have this threat virTool:win32/Kapp.A?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    check microsoft.com

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    1 decade ago

    Many anto virus software packages are available. Google "anti virus software", and take a look. There are many good ones, and all keep up with the times. so any new virus that comes out will be covered by your software. You will have to keep it updated. But lets talk about the fact that you 1)have a virus, and 2) you're on the 'net. Not a smart thing to do. A better software to buy is an internet protection suite. Believe me, a virus should be the least of your worries. A suite is a variety of packages that protect your computer from MANY threats. It should scare the hell out of you that with little effort, right now I could easily learn your domain name, and as you're reading this, I could peruse the contents of your hard disk. And I could do any number of nasty things. Delete files, send inappropriate emails using your ID, etc. (I AM not, I WILL not, but I could. Many mean people can also, and DO.) So you need a suite, also called a "firewall". So called because it sets up a barrier, or firewall, between your computer and the internet. That way, mean people cannot do what I just described. At a minimum, you need a suite, because we're just getting started on what is out there. Another threat that should REALLY scare you, is spyware. Spyware is far more prevalent than most people realize. You get it with many of those annoying spams you get daily. Because you have deleted the spam doesn't mean you deleted the spyware. What kind of damage can spyware do? Excellent question. A common spyware is called a "keystroker". The program records every keystroke you make. EVERY keystroke!!!!! You don't even have to be on the 'net. And the record is stored in a file. Let's assume you just got up, and want to write a letter. You call up your word processor, and type something like "Grandma, I'd love to see you on XXXX, but I can't get time off from work. Why don't you fly out. I'll pay for it. My credit card number is XXX." The keystroke program has recorded every stroke into a file. The next time you log onto the 'net, quietly sitting in the background is the program. Once you're on, the program recalls the file it stored, and emails it to the address of the hacker that sent it to you. You don't even know the message went out. Many suites also contain a spy sweeper that provents the spyware from storing anything on your drive, then disables it. Most suites also have pop-up blockers, and anti-Spam packages. They may also contain child access programs. By making a few settings, you can control what sites your child can access on the 'net while you're away, and he's using your computer to access the net.

    Did I scare you? I scared me, and I have a complete suite on my 'puter.

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