How can I improve the health and function of my kidney?

I have stomach problems including bloating that I am starting to think may be related to my kidney function. Anybody have experience with this?

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    I have polycystic kidney disease which a hereditary condition. It is basically the formation of cysts in the kidney. By itself it is not life threatening, but I am more prone to kidney infection and stones than the average person.

    To answer your question. Best things you can do for your kidneys is to drink lots or clear liquids such as water. Cranberry juice is also good. If you smoke you should quit, as smoking increases the rate of organ decay.

    Hope this helps. Have a good day!

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    my husband has the same problems. he has a kidney stone and also has stomach pains once in a while. he was told by the doc to drink lots of water and no more soda or anything with acid. stop eating with salt too.

    we are from europe and there are lots of home remedies.

    try the non alchoholic beer. its said to clean out the kidney better then just water. drink one beer a day.

    my husband still has stomach pains. we havent gone to the doc yet about that but we should. he mainly has stomach pains in the morning if he drinks anything on an emty stomach.

    you should get all the info from your doc on what and not to do. good luck and i really do hope that all your pain goes away. i would never want anyone to be in pain cus of their kidney.

    are you a girl or guy?

    if your a guy and you have kidney problems, dear lord i hope you dont get a stone. a man will cry like a baby if they have one.

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    diabetes is directly related to renal (kidney) failure -- so always watch your sugar intake. respiratory problems also have something to do with it.

    i suggest you ask your doctor to give you a check-up -- blood tests and everything just to see where you're at and if there are any potential problems. if you are healthy, that doesn't mean you can eat anything, drink anything and smoke. if you are serious about being healthy, this require a lifestyle change -- meaning permanent.

    with bloating -- it could be something that you eat that's causing you to bloat. do you drink soda? do you eat dairy often? or sometimes, just by eating too much can cause bloating. so watch your food intake.

    the intention to take care of your kidney is good, but don't forget the other vital organs as well! your heart, your lungs, everything -- our bodies are like dominoes -- when one fails, the rest will fail as well.

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    Drink lots of water to clean out the kidneys.

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    For kidneys, drink a lot of water and cut down on salt. For stomach probems, sounds like gas. Take phayzyme for gas.

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    I couldn't just sit around and do nothing like my doctors suggested.

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    It was easy to do and my BUN, creatinine and anemia are all in better ranges.

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    Check with your doctor you may be retaining fluid. He could prescribe something that could help.

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