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girls only.......plz!?

i know another girl had a similar question but i was wondering on july8th i went to the bathroom to urinate then saw a speck of tiny spot of blood then when i went to sleep i woke up in the morning to pee angain and i had my period and i havent had it since am i going to have another one cause im a little worried.


of 2006 this year

Update 2:

im like 11 gonna be 12

Update 3:

my mom knows i told her after i had it

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    yea you will have it again... u get it every month so on august 8th u will get it for the next 7 days and then on september 8th for the next 7 days ...and it will go on and if u dont have it on like december 8th dont worry..its just irregular but u will have it, dont worry it could happen at any time through out your cycle in your lifetime. Like you could be at the movies with your friends munching on a box of popcorn and there you go! you've had it... Trust me u might get it a little bit earlier or a bit later...but dont ever worry about not having your period!!!!! just if your going out somewhere carry a little pad in your purse or pocket

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    Well you should get your period around every 28 days, so you have till next month around the same time.

    But honestly MOST girls and women are irregular, I was and I know a lot of people that were or are. I used to go months at a time without having one. Don't worry, but since you've gotten your period it's time to start having regular check ups with a gynecologist, ask your Mom to schedule you one, or call your health insurance to see what gyno's your insurance covers.

    :) Congratulations!

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    Good luck. Sooner than you can imagine, it will be a bloody bath mess. And then you will have to clean it up.

    Have Fun. I have to deal with this on a monthly basis.

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    when girls start their period, its usually pretty irregular. july 8th of what year? if you haven't had it in a year, you might wanna talk to your doctor, but if it was just 10 days ago, don't worry about it.

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    It's very normal...since you probably recently started your period. Don't worry, it may take time for your cycle to regulate.

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    yes, but not this soon. Aroun august 5th you should have another(give or take a few days).

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    Dont you know, They come every 28 Days...

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    they come evey month! sucz!!!!!!

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