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first period?

i tried to ask this question before but it didnt work....your at a friends get your FIRST period for the first time as some of us didnt know!! so your at a friends house and u get it for the very first time, right as your gonna go in the pool, your putting your suit on in the bathroom and ba-da-bing u get it ...what do u do?? mind u that this could be like a 11- 12 year old maybe 13..

make sense??

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    you need to contact your parents preferably your mom and tell her about your problem or crisis and she would be better to inform you about what you need to do. One of the thing you will need to do is to keep a supply of sanitary napkins or tampons on hand in your bathroom or bedroom closet. Sincerely, a mom.

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    you ask someone for a pad or a tampon (if you've been taught how to use it) or get a quarter and buy it from the bathroom pad/tampon dispenser. then you go home and tell your mommy about it. ba-da bing?

    dont try to "swim it off". you should learn how to wear the tampons correctly before you do that.

    your question is vague so this is the best i could do.

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    you should put your bathing suit in the wash take a quick shower or wash up (wash down there) and ask your bud to borrow there bathing suit.

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    Ohhh I forgot I am a Man, Sorryyyyyyyy

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    why do u want to know?

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