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how do you make a bad person move out?

leaves his nasty tobacco spit containers around the house and leaves them there, I have to throw them away and he yells at me for it. And he has his clutter everywhere. When I ask him to help me around the house he says since its not his mess he's not cleaning it.(we have a 2-5yr old) I've left him befor and let him come back because being a single mother was hard. Three months later he hit me in the head about 5-6 times as hard as he could. The 150.00 fee from the hospital he refuses to pay for. I do everything work full time drop them off at daycare and pick them up. I do all the shopping, cooking, cleaning, entertainment etc. for the kids. We live in one of the nasiest parts of town because he is extremely jelouse any time he feels threatened he makes my life a living hell. and he always wants to go visit his brothers in anouther city, hmmmm. I am depressed because he is such a bad father and husband. And he refuses to move out.

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    you need to leave or kick him out. Not good for the children. And not good for you. I had verbal abusive marriage. It is a bad situation for the whole family. I looked at it this way. I had to do everything myself so he was just 1 less person to take care of... It is hard alone but you can get help ,food stamps, medicad for your kids..etc.

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    Check local agencies for battered woman and shelters. Or simply get a restraining order and throw his $hit in the front yard and say its either yard sale time or time for you to go. The authorities will always assit you to a certain degree but you cant be going back and forth. You need to make a decision and stick with it.

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    Why wait, you leave! What are you waiting for?

    If you want to work things out with him then you guys need counseling and if you think for one minute your children will not repeat your life from the bad example you are setting for are so wrong! Don't think these kids don't notice what is going on, they do. I know your kids deserve better.

    If you don't think that with counseling things will work, then move on....You have to be the role model for your kids to grow up happy, positive adults they are depending on you, and you too deserve better!

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    you said that being a single mother is hard. But if you do everything for the household and the kids and hes just sittin on his ***, what is he there for????????? he doesnt contribute in any nor benefit you , therefor hes just dead wieght that you need to drop. Stop wasting time and kick him out cause you only get one life to liveand there are no "do overs"

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    Wah wah wah...nice catch! Way to have babies with such a winner.

    Stop crying and act like a real mom. Your kids are #1, and you're being the WORST mom you can be. I was waiting for you to talk about your cocaine addiction.

    Kick him out...move whatever, just get away from him. Move back in with family.

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    izone, i was in the same situation but he never hit me. he just always wanted to be with his friend drink and smoke, so when he went to work one night i packed me and my two daughters and went back to minnesota and i was living in milwaukee at that time. it might be hard but you will fell so free and plus you are already a single mother. what do you need him for you dont need three kids to take care of just the two that you had that came out of you. he is a loser and and not happy about his life and he wants to bring you down with him... dont let him think about your kids..

    Source(s): so staring rite now start looking for a different place and the next time he goes to his brother house in another city move out on him and dont contact him at all put everything in a differnt name not yours and make sur to get a police report.
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    He hit you he's abusive, call the police, get a restraining order, they will make him leave. Also call your local domestic violence hotline, they can help you figure out how to do everything safely, its what they do and its free so reach out and get some help. Good luck to you!

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    Pack his **** and throw it out, change the locks...if he is abusive call the cops!!!

    If he's that bad of a guy...get him away from your kids.

    I grew up around horrible people and let me tell changed who I was as a person. And your kids will blame you not him.

    Good luck! {{{hugs}}}

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    when he is gone one day go out and buy new locks save all his cans and stuff for a week put it inside his bags and throw them outside change your locks if he trys to break in call the cops

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    you should have had him arrested when he hit you. Then you could get a restraining order and force him out.

    Go to your nearest voodoo shop and get some "hot foot powder" Put it in his shoes. He'll be gone.

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