Would Iran Nuke Isreal ten secounds after getting nukes?

I would give them less then 10 secounds but I figure they need to do the whol eten secound count down before launching it.


Do you think they would hesitate even knowing that the US would launch nukes at them in retaliation?

keep in mind that self destruction is glorified in their culture.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    No, they would not for the same reason the Russians did not nuke the US during the cold war or North Korea nuking South Korea or Japan..

    Nuclear weapons are now used for levarage than war... Now I do not doubt Iran would do anything in its power to get rid of Israel.. I do not think Iran is trustworthy at all... So I can see why you say that they would fire their nukes seconds after getting them...

  • 1 decade ago

    Iran is not as stupid as the world thinks they are. Any half way competent leader knows that if you use nukes against an ally of the US, expect the hammer of god to come down on them. The Iranians are not stupid, they know that if they use nukes, say goodbye to their beloved land because it won't be around much longer

  • 1 decade ago

    I doubt it, they know we'd respond with nukes on them about 10 seconds after that. I think it more likely they would give it to Osama, or somebody that could sneak it over the border. That way Israel still gets nuked but they can say "it wasn't us".

  • 1 decade ago

    No, because I think they would know better. A lot of times decisions like that are dependent on the consequences.

    If Iran nuked Israel, the UN would cripple them.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Don't worry!

    The only thing which is important to Iranian government is to stay ans spend oil!!!

    They will never do anything against it. Why should they bomb Israeil? They have no problem with anyone if they feel comfort in their place.

    They are only trying to stay. Israeil and USA is important for Iranian gov. only to have a powerful foreign enemy to controll Iranians.

    They want to say that everyone against gov is working for Israeil or USA! That is the only thing they want. Polestinians future is not improtant for them at all.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Iran believes they have good reason to attack Isreal, as do each of the arab international places interior the middle east. I recommend in 1948, because we felt responsible, alongside with the brits, because we had allowed the germans to commit the halocaust. (instead of bombing Berlin, we'd want to continuously have taken out each of the tracks and concentration camps in both Poland and Germany.) Our CIA knew about them, yet we were too wimpy (stupid) to do some thing about it. In 1948, the "Balfour contract" changed into made that placed Isreal on the map. (of route, we did not favor the jews the following, and they needed to go back to what they believed changed into their native land). So alongside with it is allies, the US compelled the Palistinians out of their own houses and adjusted them with the last residing jews. (Alot like what we did to the close by individuals.) even although Iran isn't a "Arab" u . s ., faith (as wide-spread), performed an major position in causing all Muslim international locations who evidently were angered by using this act. till the Palistinians are acknowledged and given there own land again, then there'll be both enthusiast terroists and enthusiast international places (Iran) which will attempt to have a Jihad (Holy warfare) antagonistic to Isreal. yet we gave Isreal the Bomb, and we help them both in economic and protection rigidity techniques. Iran may be committing suicide to attack Isreal....yet all of us comprehend enthusiasts will attempt this! So we honestly have reason to be stricken, yet a lot of this finished challenge changed into created by way people. notwithstanding, we do favor to computer screen them heavily, yet as a soverign u . s ., their words are poor, yet their moves are what favor to be noted. once they attempt their own bomb, we favor to be outspoken in our action antagonistic to them were they ever to act on there words. no longer all Iranians are enthusiasts, so there may nicely be an overthrow of the present authorities by using those individuals to insure that Iran is even nonetheless round. of route, without the Bomb, they does no longer stand a probability even if only antagonistic to Isreal or the US, and we (or Isreal) does no longer might want to apply the bomb to attempt this. Isreal, with our help, have the most advantageous military, military, etc. interior the middle East. In 1967, they received a warfare in 6 days antagonistic to the completed Arab international.....fortunate the Russians did not become in touch in any respect, and neither we or Isreal had to apply the Bomb. Thank Yahovah!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Their stated goal is to wipe Isreal off the map.Yea,10-11 seconds sounds about right.And we're not far behind,we must not let them achieve nuclear capability,Yes by any means.

  • 1 decade ago

    I seriously doubt. They are looking for a nuclear program becuase they feel threatened by the nuclear programs of Israel and the US. Besides, if they did, there would be a pretty big cloud and I doubt hey want that. As for Osama, I dubt they would be able to find him if they wanted to.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think they would be the country to most likely use their nukes without being first attacked themselves, but I think they would first use them to get as much leverage as possible. If they think they are being 'cornered' I think they will be even more dangerous.

  • 1 decade ago

    Of course they would. Meanwhile the pious Eastern Orthodox Christians in Jerusalem, Israel would be busy praying and possibly kissing (not beating) their Bibles.

    Rach, don't answer questions if you have nothing constructive to say.

    note- sorry to other readers who don't "get" my answer

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