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don't you love when people use 'gay' and '*****t' as insults? .. he is so gay-- total *****t piece of sh*t


isn't that totally irrelevant?

why do people say it?

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    People are afraid of what they don't understand. When I was a kid (I'm 53) and would get into an argument with a friend, I would call them a communist. I had NO idea what it meant, but I knew it was a term to be feared and so, hated. Unfortunately, it is not just ignorant little children saying these things.

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    do i love it?

    maybe you're being sarcastic.

    i think it's ridiculous. those words are used by insensitive idiots, mostly straight males, who have no idea what the glbtiq community has been through. they think, in their closed-minded, ignorant arrogance, that something being different from them and different from the mainstream is a bad thing.

    most of the people who use those words as insults look the same and think in exactly the same way and have never in their entire lives suffered for being who they are. they live their lives objectifying women [the straight males do] and making fun of different sexualities, gender identities, races, cultures, etc. if they have yahoo! answers accounts, they spend their time asking stupid questions in the women's studies and glbtiq sections because they think themselves vastly intelligent and witty beyond belief.

    people who use those words as insults are really too stupid and offensive to deserve life, and i sincerely hope that every one of them takes their own in frustration over the growing amount of acceptance of difference in our society.

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    A lot of my students just use the words to be hurtful to someone. They don't even care what the words mean, they've lumped them into names for namecalling period. It is ridiculous. Unfortunately, some older "kids" are using them this way too. People just need to grow up.

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    Haha... Funny how you would never actually use that on a real-life gay person 'cause they'd probably beat the crap out of you. *gigglez*

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    haven't noticed, maybe cause I'm a girl, but it would make since there isn't enough BAD words to call guys, nothing like female dog for boys.

  • Anonymous
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    It's the latest trend.

    I find it insulting and demeaning.

    Just say that it is bogus (or is that too 80s?)

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    That is a slick way to mask your gayness. Hats off.

  • Actually, I think using such derogatory terms is immature, and accomplishes nothing.

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    To me, it mainly displays their ignorance. And perhaps their own questioning of their sexual orientation.

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    Oh, yeah! It's such turn on!

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