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Why doesn't any one want me???????????

I am 25. Single obviously. I have short brown hair with hi-lights, blue eyes, slim, tan, I think I'm cute, smart and funny. Why can't I find a great guy???????


I wouldn't say I'm desperate or needy. I've dated but most are stuck on themselves.

Update 2:

No, I don't stink, I don't whine or complain all of the time, I don't think I am real picky, just a nice guy with a job, a vihicle, apartment, and someone with some kind of ambition in life

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    Men are afraid of women that are independent, smart, beautiful, etc..... and most men your age are immature, not all but most, try to date someone older than you. Don't hang out at the same old places, go to some new ones, you may meet someone new.

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    1st if all good for you, to have confidence, Guys love that

    2nd dating is so much fun, date everone, if it doesnt work out, dont date them again, you are young and cute. And when I mean everyone, everyone who asks. No marryed men, that is just bad

    25 is still young you have over 6 years to find some one, think that if you were dating the wrong guy now, and wasteing your time, that would really suck. I hope that you have friends becuase that is much more inportant. Go out with the chicks and party, meet people, people rule

    I would love to meet you if I wasnt married.

    by the way there are a lot of great guys in the world, but you have to be out there and OPEN to meet people

    also if you do start dating a lot reat the book He is Just not that into you, It is not all right, but the trueism in it are the rightest Turths in the world. If a dude likes you he willl step up. I know I did

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    Sounds like you need a new wrapper on the old package. When you blend in with the wallpaper people do not take notice to you. Get some clothes that attract attention. Not things that make you look cheap but those that highlight you r features. Open up more and learn to tell jokes and be fun. Hinting at giving up some of those goodies may help allot but do not cheapen yourself by giving too freely. Talk it over with people you trust and see what they recommend.. People on the net do not know the real you.

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    First of all where is a pic of you ?

    It sounds to me like you are desperate or something.

    And as a man who has been married for more than 25 years of my adult life I'll let you in on a little secret guy at your age really only want to hook up and move on! Most of them anyway

    So if you are into the revolving door on your bedroom kool if not, maybe you are looking for a honest sincere guy, if this is true you got to stop looking in the places where the "singles meat markets" are like bars etc

    The best place to find guys who are ready is where they share your interest.. be that books,music or whatever, another good place to find a guy who is ready to settle down is a Church singles group....Most if not all guys there are looking for a LOOOONG term thing although there will always be the jerks and those looking to hook up...It is the best place to start....Also when I gave up and stopped looking my lady found me ...TRUE STORY

    Good Luck


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    Maybe the problem is "find" in looking...stop looking...don't worry about not having a boyfriend...your life can be just as awesome as you make it with or without a partner...make up your mind that lack of a boyfriend isn't going to make your life less than it could be...spend time with friends, join a club or take a class in something you've wanted to learn...

    When you are happy with who you are...and your life in general, then is the time you'll make someone a good partner...because it's then that you are seeking and are less likely to 'settle' or make a poor choice...

    AND you're more appealing when you don't appear needy or desperate...but rather happy and independent... *smiles*

    Good luck!

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    It's not that nobody wants you. It's just that you need to start believing in yourself. Have more self esteem.

    Join volunteer groups so that you can help out with your community and get to know quality people. Because maybe its the kind of men around you that are not mature, or have bad taste in women.

    Try to listen more and talk less.

    I know so many men that complain how they hate it when women talk too much. Or when a women don't act like themselves.

    Just be down to earth and always wear a smile.

    Also don't forget to good where ever you go, because you never know who you are going to meet.

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    Perhaps you are too picky? Maybe you have a fundamental personality flaw? Some people are mean. Some people are weak. Some people are selfish. Maybe you just haven't been looking in the right places. Perhaps you're too passive. In this day and age, it's no longer the man's duty to pursue. Sometimes you have to be the one to make the first move.

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    Because "a great guy" is extremely hard to come by. I'm pretty sure that if you be patient and try not to try too hard; someone amazing will come along. Just focus on whatever aspect of your life that's the most important to you right now {example: school or work}. Be yourself and mingle a little!

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    Sweetie, I'm 30, slim, long shiny black hair down to my waist and big brown eyes, I'm funny and smart enough to realize all this is NOT necesarily going to get me a great boyfriend. The reason is very simple: being yourself should be enough, right? wrong!, feeling good in your own skin is what makes people respect you, and trust me on this, no guy is going to want to be with you unless you respect yourself and stop asking yourself "why can't I get a boyfriend" . just wait, better alone than in bad company!

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    OH girl, you have NO patience!!!! I used to think the same thing, only I was fat, wore glasses, etc..... Yet, when I quit feeling desperate, and decided to learn to be happy being single, GUESS WHAT HAPPENED? Love!!!!! If you are in a hurry, then you will only meet bums who will treat you bad. Learn how to fill your time, being single, and being HAPPY. Once people see that you are happy just as you are, then they will WANT to know you. Just trust the Lord. HE has someone in mind for you. Be patient.

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