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how can we go to the past?

if u know a link plz tell me.BTW how time is created?(in attention of what?(instead of orbiting the earth round the sun)


how can we go to the past time?

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  • Kevin
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    Don't bother urself in asking such a question

    it has only one answer: WE CAN'T GO TO PAST NOR FUTURE

    The time machine is an illusion

    it can't be invented

    & if u will talk about (hyper dimensional resonator) that was invented & said that it can travel in time, i have a one word on that: ITS A BIG LIE

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    From a standpoint of Science TIME TRAVEL IS POSSIBLE, but only into the future.

    Yes and this is misunderstood all the time, time travel can be done, all you have to do is travel near the speed of light.(Which is the hard part, but it is possible for all practical purposes)

    If you got on a spaceship today and let's say you traveled 9/10th the speed of light to some distance stars and came back, you will find out that you have jumped into the future. If you had a twin on earth, he'll be much older than you.

    However, time travel to the past is not possible by any respected theory.

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    There is a theory by Kip Thorn that allows traveling to the past, but only to the past starting from the day the machine is invented. This means that if you invent the machine today in 50 years you could come back to today, but not yesterday. How it works is: You open a space-time worm hole and hop in your super jet with one of the ends of the worm hole leaving the other end at home. Then travel at near the speed of light and when you stop you will be in the future. Then go thru the worm hole and presto! You are back home in 2006, and anyone from 50 years from now, 100 years, 2000 years, can come as a tourist to a U2 concert.

    Source(s): Blck holes and time warps
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    Technically, only forward time travel is possible, at least for now. Although we could theoretically view the past. Einstein's theory of relativity says that large gravitational objects bend space time. Also, realize that light from a far distance would take a very long time to get to earth. So, if you, looking through a telescope, were to look at a black hole and the light was bent so far around it that you in a sense were looking right back at yourself, you would see earth at an earlier time because the light from the current earth ahad not had time to reach the black hole bend around it and make it back to your telescope.

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    Like they said in the movie "The time machine", and I don't quote textually:

    "Everyone has its own time machine: Memories, to reach the past; Hopes and Dreams, to reach the future"

    Maybe H. G. Wells wrote that in the book, but if someone else did I dearly congratulate him/her, since it's one of the most beautiful thoughts that I've ever heard.

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    time is a measure of change of entropy,

    as time goes foward entropy tends to the max,

    entropy is a measure of disorder,

    time is simply a relative comparison,

    for example, if we say an object moves at 2m/s, and a second object moves at 4m/s, we say that the distance the second object traveled is twice as far than object one in the same time,

    you could equaly say that thesecond object traveled the same time in twice the distance.

    we originally belived time was absolute so we compared everything to time,

    einstein has now thought us that time is not absolute.

  • donna
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    It is all in the mind. Either through your dreams and memories or through hypnotism. I have heard of people that have left their bodies for a short time and travelled to the past. they said that it was all in brown and white.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    there is no future time or past time. time is all time.and once u pass a certain point in time, it is gone. kinda like lighting a wick, once it burns, its gone. u have memories and pictures, but that is not traveling to the past, that is simply remembering the past.

  • Anonymous
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  • Anonymous
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    Time is not a linear line on which you can travel.

    Tim is a constant state of change.

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