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I like this guy and he says we are friends, but all his friends say he likes me back? What should i do?

I like love this guy and everything. and his friend s say he likes me and that hes just afraid to show it?

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    talk to HIM about it... tell him that you really have strong feelings for him and that you would like him to be your boyfriend... if he says he's not interested, maybe his friends are just leading you on b/c they know you like him

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    Ugh, another teenager asking a relationship question.

    Uh, tell him how you feel

    If he doesn't feel the same...


    So, please notify me immediately if he says "no" so I can make plans

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    ask him now and dont wait if he likes you and is telling his friends he is affraid do it b4 another girl gets him

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    1 decade ago

    talk 2 him bout it

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    He is shy, ask him out

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