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In the Sims 2 for Pc, How do you make teenagers sneak out of the house?

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    You can have your teen sims call a friend on the phone. Usually after 10pm and it should have the option to sneak out with them. They come by at 0100 i think (maybe midnight). I don't take the parents door away because it is more fun to try to sneak out with the danger of being caught. Your teen will come back in around 0400, maybe earlier if the police bring them back in. If you are caught either trying to sneak out or trying to sneak back home, you get lectured from your parents.

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    you need to have all the older parent in a room. Delete the door to the room. Then after 10:00 pm click on a window " with you sims ( need to be a teen) " you will see the option of seak out. If you get caught when you come back. that is when a parnet is wake when the sim return. you sim will get gorunded. but if no one is awake you are home free.

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