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Map journal: Elizabethtown movie; how would you make it? For who?

Personally, I didn't exactly like the movie but Kirsten Dunst is a great woman. She's been in two films of which she has inspired me to make scrapbooks: Crazy/Beautiful and Elizabethtown. Just curious: if you could make a map scrapbook for anyone: Describe your chosen roadtrip path? What would you include (CD to listen to?) And lastly for who would you want to take the roadtrip to your heart?

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    i would do it just like they did, it was an awesome movie... i actually live about 1/2 an hour away from Elizabethtown, KY. it is beautiful out there in the country... the movie was awesome and i wouldn't do anything different to it...

    it's pretty cool to actualy see a little part of your hometown on the big screen too... the airport they arrive at is actually the Louisville Int Airport, i live like 10 minutes away from there...

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    Elizabethtown Road Trip Map

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    Elizabethtown is amazing and that roadtrip map is amazing!

    I don't think i could do any better at all, so i'd probably do exactly what she did.

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