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For all the benefits that could come from stem cell research why would Bush veto the bill?

To veto a bill just because he does not agree with it morally and 78% of American's DO agree, makes no sense to me. He is surposed to represent the American people not his own moral issues.

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    Bush's "moral issues" are very popular with conservatives. This must be the major reason why he does what he does. I doubt that he really believes in what he says, it's just doing things like these are part of his political campaign. Not to mention avoidance of responsibility which he is so good at.

    In the end, Bush's decision will only allow Europe to gain an edge in the stem cell research development area and make U.S. fall behind.

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    I believe that the biggest reason

    bush is vetoing the stem cell bill, is due to advice given him by Karl Rove.

    The Bush administration is trying to keep all the born-again-right-wing-republican's satisfied with the Republican party as a whole, so that they will not make a party of their own or refuse to vote in the Federal elections coming up.

    I expect Bush to allow his advisors to give him more advice like this for the rest of his term in office.

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    President George W. Bush never changes his mind.

    About anything.

    Try being a conservative (on social issues) Christian against the war (as I am, and as an increasing number of socially conservative Christians are) and getting a Republican (or a Senator of any stripe) to give you the time of day.

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    Lack of empathy. Plus the government provides great health benefits to elected officials.

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  • Indigo
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    He's trying to be a dictator in my opinion, and run things how HE specifically thinks it should be.

    Really, maybe with the government in cahoots with a lot of big industries, including the pharmaceutical/medical industry no doubt...maybe preventing people from finding cures will keep money in old methods of treating people and will keep pumping money in their direction? I don't really believe that, but people think similar of other things with it, so who knows!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    He will pay dearly for this mistake.

  • John J
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    1 decade ago

    It is what his base wants him to do.

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