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The Old and New Testament god is the same being. The OT god kills people. How is the NT god love?

The Old Testament god kills people left and right. He even tells the Hebrews to slaughter entire cities for not believing in him.

Judges 1:4 And Judah went up; and the LORD delivered the Canaanites and the Perizzites into their hand: and they slew of them in Bezek ten thousand men.

So how exactly does the OT god suddenly become a nice, kind and cuddly god in the NT? Why is Jesus really the only one who says that god is a nice guy? Isn't he a little biased?

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    Dude. You ever watched a movie and some dude was beating up some woman because he loved her and then he would buy her flowers and junk......?

    it's like that.

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    The Bible is a selected group of texts, selected by the Bishops who Constantine the Emperor of Rome approved of. He neede a religion that included Jesus but also could be violent whenever the Empire required it. The Old Testament represents a Jewish history and a Jewish way of looking at things. The Emperor also liked that it showed that Jesus had divine lineage back to David, its sort of the opening act. Now Jesus was gone along time from his homeland and people, traveling the silk road to India and Tibet. There he learned of the God of Love and came back to save his people with this truth. The Priesthood in the Temple was very threatened by him and had him killed so they could keep control of the Jews. Jesus says to the people "It is said of old an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth but I say unto you whosever hits you on the right cheek turn also to him the left cheek and forgive your enemies." They didn't listen and look at the war they are in.

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    This is very hard to understand. The fall of man, cursed Adam and all of his descendants , including you and me.

    The wages of sin is death and if God is a perfect Judge. We must all suffer the second death in the lake of fire for all eternity, with weeping and gnashing of teeth.Where the worm doesn't die. No one spoke more of hell than Jesus but God in his Devine Mercy provided a way to save us from this horrible place and allow us into his special place.

    The old testament Jews were a special people to him and he made a promise to Abraham that all the nations of the earth would be blessed by his seed ( Jesus the CHRIST )

    God the sons spirit entered into a virgin as it was proficied. Every year at Pass Over the high priest would kill a perfect lamb and spill his blood over the arc of the covenant and the sins of Israel would be forgiven for 1 year but there would be a Messiah who when he comes would take away their sins forever.No grater Love hath any man than to lay his life down for a friend but only God himself could die for all men that would receive his gift. He suffered the worst of pain for us, If this isn't Love, I don't know what is! When John the baptist saw Jesus, He said behold the lamb of God ( The perfect sacrifice )

    Yours in Christ Jesus, Phil Three rivers

    Source(s): The Bible and no other source
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    It kinda goes along with evolution. When the OT was written, people weren't too intelligent, this is people who forgot the graven image thing after Moses went up the mountain, very short attention spans. So the OT was written to them in ways they could comprehend. Sin=dire consequence. Those early people weren't ready to deal with foregiveness, too difficult a concept for them to deal with. They had to have everything in black and white, which is why there are so flamin many laws in the OT, everything had to be spelled out.

    By the time Jesus came around, we'd gotten our heads a little straighter, were able to comprehend more difficult concepts like foregiveness, redemption, etc..

    Another thing, about the cities who were destroyed, its a theory of some theologians that these cities were nephilim cities, which is why they had to go, nephilim being the children of the union between angels and human women. They were bigger, stronger, faster and way more intelligent than humans, and we didn't stand a chance against them. That's a theory anyway.

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    it is a astounding question and that i visit do my ultimate to proportion a number of my suggestions interior the limitations of this communicate board. Jesus pronounced that anybody who "observed Me has seen the daddy". There are different passages the place it states Jesus is the "right representation of the daddy". So did God get "saved" between Malachi and Matthew? If Jesus confirmed mercy to the prostitutes and tax-creditors (like the adult men at Enron who stole money from human beings) then is Father no longer a merciful father additionally? whilst we see the previous testomony we in specific situations ignore the passages that exhibit mercy...there are a number of passages interior the Psalms that communicate the long suffering endurance of God...there are different passages the place God condemns the ruling elite in Israel (nonetheless previous testomony) because of the fact the undesirable are ravenous and homeless b/c of the elite's greed. God's grief at sin because of the fact it destroys what He loves is the comparable interior the previous testomony as interior the hot testomony. Jesus, whilst healing a guy with a concern arm, appeared on the pharisees with anger b/c He observed that they have been so complicated of their hearts they could particularly depart the guy suffering then have him healed on the Sabbath. back we see the affection of God in Christ for those suffering the two bodily or emotionally. He pronounced I come for the sinners no longer for the righteous. He used the analogy of a doctor no longer coming to heal people who're healthy however the well being care provider will come and heal the guy who's ill. it is that this style of extensive subject be counted for communicate. wish this has been particularly powerful...and that i could motivate you to have this verbal replace with human beings around you..or locate somebody you who you believe to communicate this with.

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    In order for God to be God He must punish sin. God is perfectly just in killing anyone He chooses because they repeatedly disobey Him. God will not and does not kill anyone who loves, honors, obeys and trusts Him for the salvation that He freely offers to everyone who has lived, is living and will live on this earth. Come to know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and you can rest assured He will never have to kill you and send you to hell for your disobediance and sins. Read The Holy Bible for yourself to find out how to receive Jesus Christas your presonal Lord and Savior. Start with the gospel of John in the New Testament. May God bless you.

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    back in the old testament when you committed a sin the price was death because they didn't have Jesus in the old testament to atone ones sin so god is a just god and he cannot accept sin for god being a nice god by Jesus being the lamb that is sacrificed through him sin is forgiven and god can be more accepting god because sin is forgiven ..god is a just god sometimes he might do things that seem harsh but he don't see things the way we see things we look at the situation but he sees the big picture

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    The Lord is a Just Lord as well as a Loving one. Anyone that He killed got what they deserve.

    Jesus spoke of Hell more times in the Gospels than Hell was spoken of in the entire rest of the Bible.

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    Because you guys got my biography all wrong.

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    God is bipolar.

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