Ok, well I must ask, If life is precious, then why does God kill people?

more scriptures I need um!

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    You worship the wrong deity. Please start worshipping His Honour the Worm. He deals justice with a swift... erm... appendix? He is just and fair. He tears down walls.

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    Do you really think "God kills people"?

    I view "God" not as some puppetmaster, micro-managing each event in our lives, including when and how we die, but as a divine, fundamental force (maybe less like an "all-loving, all-merciful being" and more like the matter-of-factness of karma - what goes around comes around), which has created (or at least allowed) free will, and a whole host of events which we do not control.

    Do you think that God creates and manages the outcome of every storm, disease, car accident and bar fight? What about falls and cuts that become infected and people that have heart attacks and drown? God plans and creates each of these? What about the criminal who uses free will to shoot another? What about the doctor who uses free will but makes a mistake? Surely you don't believe everyone who dies is killed by God?

    Perhaps you believe that maybe some deaths are intentionally caused by God. That is certainly possible. But how would we know which ones? And if we don't know which deaths are caused by God (or if any are), then we cannot answer why God kills.

    But why MIGHT God kill? I cannot answer from Scripture, although I recall the Old Testament having more than a few examples. I do understand, though, that most believers in the Bible interpret that book as meaning that in the Old Testament humans were living under Mosaic law, meaning that God could punish/kill for violation of that law, while during the times reflected in the New Testament (after the birth/death of Jesus) we are living in a state of Grace (brought on by his death). So maybe God did kill THEN, but does not kill NOW.

    As for life being precious, there is no inconsistency with value and having it taken away as a punishment. A child might ask, if that toy was so great, why did mommy and daddy take it away? Is there any reason why God might take life away if it is indeed precious? Perhaps it is so precious that you do not get to keep it if you misuse it or abuse it. Perhaps it is so precious that you get to trade in the temporary version for a permanent version if you take really good care of it (like trading a paperback for a hardcover, once you have proved you can be responsible with a book).

    Sorry no Scriptures, but your question did get me thinking. Thanks!

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    1 decade ago

    When does God kill people?

    Diseases kill people. Murderers kill people. Abortionists kill people who are unborn. Disasters, natural and otherwise, kill people. Old age kills people.

    Why blame all this on God?

    And if we blame all of this on God, should we not also give Him the credit for everything that's good in the world -- if we're going to take the mindset that everything in the world is God's doing?

    Why does God get all the blame for everything that's bad, but never seems to get the credit for anything that's good?

    Another person posed that question earlier today, and it's a great question.

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    Some say its part of the master plan. How does one know what would be the worse tragedy? Example - A plane crashes with no survivors, including an infant. Just suppose, (talking extreme hypothetical question) if the plane didn't crash, and the child grows up to be a genocidal monster, worse than Hitler. So , which would be the tragedy?

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  • 1 decade ago

    God does not kill people. We have death because mankind's original sin. We were given a gift and we messed up. It has nothing to do with God. Life is precious. That is why God wants us to come to Him....

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    Life is a precious and sacred thing. We as humans are not meant to live in this temporary life forever. It is created as a test. As most Christians we believe this life is a test. In the Quran (Koran) God says "I have created life and death to test which one of you is BEST in deeds/action. And He is Most honoured, Most forgiving" Testing our thoughts as well. Thoughts of gratitude and ingrateful. The way we show our gratitude is in thanking/praising God and worshipping him the way he commanded us. Not the way we designed ourselves or others designed for us. Those who have wisdom and reflect on the creation of the heavens and the earth understand how temporary this world is and they seek the truth. May God guide us to the truth.

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    1 decade ago

    Judges 1:4 And Judah went up; and the LORD delivered the Canaanites and the Perizzites into their hand: and they slew of them in Bezek ten thousand men.

    God loves mass murder. That's why he tells his followers to do it all the time.

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    He doesn't KILL people... That is just how life is you live and you die later... Wouldn't be boring to stay here forever... Just imagine Earth will be crowed of people and more bad stuffs will happened..... Why dying is so bad.. are you people scare of dying? When is time to go, is time.. That is why when you are alive do the best to be happy..

  • 1 decade ago

    God doesn't kill people - People kill people. People were given free will, and make increasingly bad choices.

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    He uses us for food when we ready. Same as we do to animals. You don't tell animals by any chance that theya re food? You probably telling them if they run away from you they will be separated from you. And if they stay with you .. you have a heaven for them in your stomack for everlasting joy. How could those stupid animals understand how great we are to offer them peace of heaven.

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    Life is God's to give and take because he is the Creator of life.

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