help.i have have had a web site now for about a mo and no one can find me something is wrong. even the search? who will help me some things like tags and thigs i dont no were to add them to my web site. am bad at this.

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    I am having trouble understanding your question.

    I can only guess that the site you reference is yours, and you would like people to go there.

    If this is correct, then you need to register your website at the various search engines.

    If you are wondering why your site does not show up in the search engines without any action on your part, then you have been misinformed. Short of paying the search engine companies to direct traffic to your web site, there is literally NOTHING you can do to make that happen. Anyone who tells you they can do this for you with "tags and thigs" is LYING and trying to RIP YOU OFF!

    Search engines make money by PAID ADVERTISING. PERIOD!

    The only thing you can do is:

    1) Also PAY to advertise

    2) Ask OTHER sites to link to YOURS.

    THAT'S IT!

    All else is hype, lies and scams!

    Source(s): I know how it works
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    Oh, how a fantastic site. ;)

    first notic that u should use Meta tags in ur Head section to describe ur site and explain what is stands for. Use several meta tags. for example if ur site is about marketing use this words in the head of ur website :

    Buy,sell, cost,price and any thing is relate with.

    also u should wait a little till search engines know ur website and check it.

    good luck.

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