Why is it that people will not finish an intelligent discussion?

or fail to keep it intelligent? I am conservative, and every discussion I have with a liberal begins with them making their point, then completely ridiculing mine, then signing off. I just want to have an intelligent conversation!


Jordan: thank you for making yourself an example..how thoughtful.

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    1 decade ago
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    Yep! Been there; done that! It's amazing, isn't it? All you want to do learn what they think and why and then tell them the same sort of thing and they just won't do it! I've tried with several and all they do is ridicule me and my idea. In fact, I expect it so much now that I had to apologize to someone because I jumped at them before I realized that they were normal and just wanted to discuss. I was never much into politics until I came on here and experienced the lies and half truths and insults.

  • 1 decade ago

    Hello, loubean. I have been looking at your questions and, while quite biased, have SOME intelligence to them. As you can tell from my QnA, I am a liberal. I have little to say about Republicans in general, but extremists on any side irritate me. The one thing that will bring out my darkside is racism, but that's not the point.

    I think that both sides, Liberal and Conservative, have a tendency to borderline ignorance, with some well crossing the line! For example, some questions as such* have no rational reason for being. If people stuck to the facts, I think that both sides will be much happier.

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    The keyword is intelligent. In order to have intelligent conversation one needs to be able to back opinion up with facts. In the case of liberals all of their arguments are based solely on emotion with total disregard to facts which is why they must resort to ridicule to combat you.

  • 4 years ago

    i have self belief that it really is a significant area of a courting once you are able to have sensible conversations about what each and each are in to. I, too, am a reliable female and that i'm also this style of female who's conscious quirky issues that maximum don't recognize. Your brother is lame and extremely immature and likewise he has some narcissistic characteristics. He needs them dumb so as that he feels more advantageous and dominate interior the courting. I have a question-does he go via those ladies rapidly? I wager he does bc he receives drained of the stupidity. it really is females people like that that makes us sensible, knowledgeable, captivating women people look undesirable. She has large **** too excellent? Its loopy!!! And so very 50's.....

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  • 1 decade ago

    Many people often carry conversations intelligently to the point that their intellects allow, then resort to other means once they begin to feel insecure, such as when the level of the argument passes them by.

  • 1 decade ago

    Just like with the terrorists, there is no negotiations or intelligent conversation with a liberal.

  • 1 decade ago

    shut up. never speak again. you are the one in the conversation who isn't intelligent. The other people just get so bored with you they start an arguement as a way to end the conversation faster.

  • 1 decade ago

    It's not in them...the word liberal by definition does not include the word intelligent in the same sentence, because it doesn't work that way!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    lou, sweetie, it is because liberals do not understand logic, particalarly linear logic. all of their arguments are based on fear and emotionalism. they don't think, they feel. so after you explain your first point, they have no counterpoint, so they simply call you names and go home

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