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Is it right to believe that there could be many different gods/goddesses?

My family is mostly christian and i feel like the odd man out or something.

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    Sweety, follow your heart. Belief is what keeps us going, ne? If you can't believe that on 'being' created everyrthing, then don't! I certainly can't believe one 'being' created the whole....uhhh.... well EVERYTHING!!! I am Wiccan so therefore I believe that there are many gods and goddesses. My beliefs keep me happy and in touch with nature and myself, not to mention my lords and ladies.

    So believe in whatever you want, don't let anyone murder your heart. You and you alone can decide what is real to you and what isn't. Good Luck my Darling! Let no one deter your path of finding what is right to you.

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    Christians aren't the only people around and their answers aren't the only viable ones. Believe what is right to you, what makes sense to you, especially if it helps you to become a better person.

    I'm the black sheep of my family, but the thing that I have learned from that is, sometimes its better to be the black sheep of a family than an anonymous pseudo-clone; those in the black sheep category are generally more honest, more memorable, and provide the best stories at family gatherings...mostly because of the different perspective.

    The bottom line is its all about perspective and perception. There is no ONE true way to worship and/or simply believe in divinity, especially since God (as a concept) exists for me as a goal to shoot for. I don't worship God (goddess, Cernunos, Allah, Jehova, Fred, all 460 members of the Ancient Egyptian Pantheon, or those quarrelsome folks up on Mount Olympus, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or whatever else I'd be inclined to call it) so much as I look at what "God" commonly represents and I apply THAT to how I live and the choices that I make. God is everything that I want to be, and consequently, a part of what makes me proud to be human...if that makes me the black sheep of my family, then so be it. There are worst things to be. Dishonest is one of them.

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    I have always believed in many different individual deities. It has worked for me. My family and friends are mostly Christian but the differences in religious belief has never been a problem. Perhaps because I have never believed any differently than I do now. It's just me and they know that. We truly respect and encourage each other to follow what we feel is right.

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    i think of that if somebody you care approximately dies and you come across contentment, you're the two puzzled or fairly darkish. dealing with dying is tricky, understanding that there isn't any longer some thing magical waiting for you on the different component makes dying darkish and frightening. i've got lost countless kinfolk member and a pair of good friends. in basic terms time helps. You slowly get used to that individual no longer being there, like in the event that they moved to a distinctive city you does no longer discover it unusual which you do no longer see them on a daily basis. it somewhat is many times slightly unhappy so a methods as i can tell, i've got by no skill somewhat have been given over the dying of somebody I care approximately a minimum of. It only turns right into slightly less difficult to handle. only remember the good cases, savor the indisputable fact which you acquire the time with them you probably did and remember that it is not a nasty component to be unhappy that lifeless all and sundry is lifeless.

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    You can believe it, but it wouldn't be true. As a Christian I like to study and read about all of the elaborate myths of polytheistic societies throughout the history of the world. I ask honest questions and generally get honest answers. There are a lot of beliefs, and you can believe whatever you want. Unfortunately monotheists (e.g. Jews, Christians, and Muslims) and polytheists cannot both be right. Logically speaking there's either one God or many gods; you can't both be right.

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    Sure, why not? Don't let anyone disparage your beliefs or say you are wrong. No one religion is more "right" than any other.

    I like to think that all religions worship the same God, but think of him/her/it in different faces or aspects.

    If what you believe causes you to respect others, and treat others as you would like to be treated, without JUDGING them or putting them down, you'll be a person I'd like to have as a friend!

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    If you believe the bible is truly the divine word of god than there should be no doubt that other gods and goddesses do not exist.

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    believe whatever you feel is right. just b/c your family believes one thing doesn't mean you have to feel the same way. my family is christian but i am agnostic.

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    Yes. I think there is one god and that is divided into smaller gods for each religion which divides to smaller gods for each singular person. I don't think it has a name but that's ok.

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    Yes, it is fine. Here in Hawai'i, I believe in the traditional ways, so I have several.

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