can i hook 2 computers togeather using usb and still transfer files between them?

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes, but you need special cables and softward to do so. With the price of network cards (Wireless and Ethernet) it makes more sense to connect the computers directly via a peer-to-peer wireless network or a pc-to-pc RJ-45 cable.

    Here are some links for the USB option. (This is an option because all you end up needing is the cable and software)

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    Yes - you need a special USB cable to do it properly and the software usually comes with it.

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    I would use a crossover cable, which is like cat5/6 but you connect one computer to another as described

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    I don't think this is doable. You should get a hub or router and connect each one to it via the network card and then you'll be able to transfer data.

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    USB is not designed as a bus to carry data between two computers on it's own.

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    No. u need antoher cable. like LPT.

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