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Remzy asked in Science & MathematicsChemistry · 1 decade ago

ENTROPY created??

change in entropy=entropy created+q/t

says chemists. But what do they mean by "entropy created"?

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    According to classical thermodynamics entropy is simply the natural logarithm (Ln) of the number of states a certain system can be in.

    For example an increase in volume will increase the number of states a system can be in, because each particle has a new point in space it can occupy.

    If you follow this definition the the entropy created is simply the increase of the number of states in which the system can be found.

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    According to the Second Law of Thermodynamics all processes will tend towards the creation of entropy. In other words no process can take place and return its system AND the surroundings back to the original state. There will always be something lost to the surroundings, some "disorder" that will be created.

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    Someone levitated and entropy was created

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    nature likes chaos and wants chaos created. they just use the term to make it easier to comprehend

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