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What is your favorite episode of 'Sex & the City' and why?

Thank you!


I love every episode in which they get stoned. Always makes me laugh.

My girl-freind's and I talk about sex just like those chicks even more so.

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    We were just talking about this last night! I am a SITC freak, I own all the DVD's and have seen every episode at least once, most a few times!

    My favorite episode is the one where Carrie farts in bed with Big! Then she tries to go under the covers to hide and Big says "It might be worse under there"! Then he puts the whoopie cushion on her chair! Definately a classic!

    The follow up favorite is the one where Carrie and the kid are smoking pot at his moms and his mom walks in and catches them and asks whose it is, her son blames Carrie (while it was really his) and Carrie grabs the whole bag leaves and says "Yes, and I am taking it with me when I go"!

    Of course the ending was another favorite...why did they cancel it! They would have never wore out their welcome at my house! : (

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    I loved the final episode. Carrie gets Big, Miranda and Steve live happily ever after in a house, Charlotte gets a baby, and Samantha is still Samantha with the hot guy!

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    The Post-It episode.

    Where Burger breaks up with Carrie on a post it note and the 4 go out and Carrie and Samantha end up getting stoned!! LOL classic.

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    The one where the ladies talk about men all episode long.

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    The one which was aired yesterday on TBS. everything was there, fashion, top models, top designers, talk about the sex......ohhh..... I have one question, do girls really talk about the sex in the same way as we can see in this sitcom?

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    when sarah jessica parker had her tampoon pushed further inside and called katrall to help her, katrall who just had a manicure said "damn, i just had my manicure!"

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