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i had to run for my life and no onehelped me,not the police,not the c.c.c. housings nor the police gangmember?

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    Run faster

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    If you need help, call the fire department or go there. They are the most helpful. If you owe someone something, you'd better get it back to them quick, or it's the concrete shoes for you.

    Wish I was joking.

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    i as god have personally whitenessd that police are as evil as the gang members so they should be deposed and exposed for what their character is really like. I too have no place to run because you might be better off in a gang. the spirits of canada at one time wanted me to work for the ha's not the police. It made me feel like a traitor. so i do as little as possible for either side in the battle for the planet. But good luck is all i can say.

    are you talking about the god powerless to give you money, or good luck?

    its reason real god allowed this math equation


    h=god=good angel=angel of death

    f=loser=don=police=hells angels

    winner=b=a DI stitched together

    based on math pattern god=g+o+d=7+15+4=26=2+6=8=H



    and truthfully they said god can only be proved over time so check

    MARCH APRIL MAY as a description of god who is H and see that is ME.

    and cats got the right idea they Meow to laud god

    Me=IVI stitched together arm

    ME=IVI stitched together [iL

    read these words in times new roman font and cut them up as in reading the fine print:






    and reason that is that way is because ALL THINGS WERE COMMANDED TO PRAISE GOD(honour or laud HIM)

    and truthfully i cut-off MBo. from my love along with His TOP liutenants before i was 20 years old.

    and is it true that you really ain't a man till they allow you into the licenced drinking establishments?

    i freely admit i hold a grudge against quebec angels because of the rape committed by one of them. and also the boy daniel killed by them. they once asked Me to prospect for them but they said all i would have to do is serve coffee and protect them. so TOP PROSPECT and ROSARY are both examples of my life, as My name is TODD and ROSE was a girlfriends name and put that little \ on the S like in times new roman font and see that ROSARY contains ROS\ary (and larry is my other name)

    so when angels or disembodied voices tell you to try to hurt someone realize its dying men trying to hold power over you forever. why not do like bible says and praise god not organized crime code?

    so LORD in times new roman font laud name TODD.

    and thats Me and thus you all appear to use the line in the bible that says they hated god as reason to try to make my life miserable. if something is wrong with your life blame the churches that your Jesus Christ said cheats god. They are the true evil ones. They know this math that proves god as first in heaven who fought satan. and satan has a 1000 year seal on HIM as M=1000=M=ivi stitched together so why was satan labelled a rebel? cause He tried to kill GOD.

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    Give more info for a question like this:

    Like why were you threatened and running.?

    where what city.?

    Then maybe I we can give you some insight.

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    y do u need help and y do u care jsut don't go near that place agin

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Keep running, it is good exercise and will help your health.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    okay, clearly ur still alive so u didnt need any help

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    what do yyou mean by running for your life

  • 1 decade ago

    ok why was you running for your life a lil more details ok and thanks for the 2points

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    Okay, and your point is

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