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How do networks such as MTV and FOX make profit if they don't charge people to watch their shows??

Shows like Wild N' Out and 24 cost money to film, but where do they get that money from?? Last time I checked, the TV doesn't ask me for any money when i turn it on.

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  • Mac
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    Well, MTV is a cable channel and you have to pay for cable.

    But the real answer is this, advertisement. Companies pay BIG BIG bucks to have their ads played on these channels. That is where all the money is coming from. During the Superbowl, many companies will dish out millions of dollars for airtime during this time. They make a killing just on that one day!

    Hope that helps ya

  • huenke
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    Now are you speaking approximately Fox information, or someones opinion teach like O'Reilly or Beck? every time i've got watched a information broadcast of theirs i've got not at all as quickly as seen between the anchors spew their ignorant opinion... i won't have the ability to declare the comparable for different networks nonetheless.

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    Just how does DISH make a profit. They certainly spend a lot of money.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yup.. they get paid each time you go buy that bag of doritos, bottle of vodka, or pepsi to chase it with... Don'tcha love free enterprise??.

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