How do I take myspace off my computers filter?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Kasiejullian, if you have some type of myspace file on your computer, you might be able to get it off by clicking "start" which is on the bottom left corner, and then click "My Documents" which should be on there with a few other things, and when you are in "My Documents" click on "search" on the top of the screen, it should be between the icons that have a folder with an arrow pointing up and beside an icon with 2 folders in the background named "folders", once your in the search area, there will be something asking you "What do you want to search for? I would click on "All files and folders" for this particular deletion, once you are there type in all or part of the file name (ex: the file was named "myspace", just type in "myspace" or just "space" and it should find the file for you,(if it does not click on "more advanced options" then which is on the bottom of the search engine.) once you find the file, just right click on it, and click "delete" once the little white box comes up, and then it should be deleted from there. Now it may still be on the computer, so now go to the "recycle bin" on your computer(it should be on the desktop), now look for the file you deleted from the search and now right click on it again and click "delete" and you have just deleted the whole file on your computer.

    Hope I helped. :)

    Source(s): I know some things about computers.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    we cant just tell you we have to have more info on what the 'filter' is... if it is windows IE filter or Yahoo Filter or ISP filter cause there are different ways

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    we can't help if you don't tell us which filters you have. they are all different. you also need to mention the version number

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